Saturday, November 13, 2021

this impresses the hell out of me, just never let it run out of lubrication for the bearings


Sikorsky A97

this may have been for a car show, or Halloween, but it's certainly quite a bit of work to make it look like a WW2 vehicle


an AAR Cuda in the Optima Challenge, sweet!

I only learned of this car a year ago, and finally got to see it for myself, Jason Bottenfield’s 1969 Camaro built by Dusold Designs.

a Pontiac LeMans was in the Optima Challenge this year... which has me wondering if I've ever seen GTOs competing in the Optima Challenge before

by the way, trivia thingy, the 1993 LeMans had only 74 horsepower. THAT is why model names shouldn't be dragged down into the dirt for decades. They earned a reputation, and that ought to be allowed it's dignity for the era that made it famous. (Chargers shouldn't have 4 doors, Mustangs shouldn't be electric, etc)

late 80s Camaros are coming out to play in the Optima Challenge


Mike Dusold's Camaro... looking like less of a Camaro, and more like a race car every time I see it

compared to the 2016 iteration (and yes, I can do a comparison with the gallery I took in 2016, 17, 18,  or 19... I dig this race car)

vs 2016

Chevelles in the Optima Challenge, now that is cool


I haven't seen a Starion in forever


proof of being in a severe distraction zone, I only got two photos of a mid engine 68 Charger ( inner dialogue queues up the sound bite from reporter of the Hindenburg crash/fire "oh the humanity!" )


yes, that does really sum it up in just two photos... but hell, it still ought to have been photographed with a full 10 photo gallery at least. Just to be sure nothing was missed

trucks are back in the Optima races! I don't recall seeing more than 2 in 2019, but this year, there are comparatively quite a few, 3 times as many. But not a single Ford, Dodge, Stude, Jeep (truck), etc


someone got focused on this Vega


Finally, I've been waiting all week to get to the Optima cars.... here's a pair of Buick's, just cool to see in competition, but damn.... that heat extractor duct? Wow


they made a Humvee more all terrain. That's quite an accomplishment.

the drunk frat boy train horn prank shit I can do without, unless used with discrepancy in traffic to wake morons up and let them know they need to MOVE OUT OF THE DAMN WAY!

cool old bus

Mostly because of the grill. I hate the headlights, the lug nut dart tips, and the black and vermillion color scheme. 

But I love that old Ford grill and hood

photos just don't do justice to how pretty this was in person. It was stunning


interesting way to display their variety of catalogs, with a couple of library lamps and a magazine rack

packaging your paint product to appear like expensive make up? Clever!

that might not have been their intent, but that's the impression I got... and the conceptual similarity of making the paint/wax of a car better by applying a product, to women's make up causing them to be prettier? That's genius

I got a kick out of the belt fed ammo into the mini gun exhaust, it's quite a clever idea


I get that this is the fuel tank, made from a beer keg, with the cool seat belts from an aircraft.
I don't get why it's not in the truck. 

Country Squire


the hood was up, there was no point in taking a photo of the front, 

it's going to be a long while until you see another Jeep Honcho Baja 1000 racer, soak it in


Father and son, Valentino & Graziano Rossi, 1994