Saturday, October 11, 2014

Gerald Nappi's photos from the Race of Gentlemen

just the small addition of the scallop lines on the fenders, make a cool hot rod touch... great choice

Photos of

motorized wheelbarrow... why weren't they invented when I was a kid and could have used the help?

crew cab dump truck... odd and early

celebrity endorsements are cool, so Massey Ferguson had Tennessee Ernie Ford advertise their riding mower

ignoring everything else, great smoke! I love the slow growth of the cloud, and how it curled up and forward instead of out and back

Friday, October 10, 2014

Bill Murray, comedian extraordinaire

A monster truck show for kids, Blaze and the Monster Machines

how hard is it for limo drivers to not pinch the tires on the curbs? 3 of 4 tires say impossible

1962.. . when cops didn't have radar

you can see this won't end well, that's not going to require a genius... but how bad will this get?

A really good race, and the camera is on the guy who comes from the back to win, passing constantly, everyone else. Terrific view of narrow street racing on motorbikes

Thursday, October 09, 2014

a lot of bike chains, sprockets, and a couple pedals got recycled into these scupltures. Nirit Levav

a couple cool unusual construction vehicles

Borg Warner Air Roll

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it got drunk and just fell asleep right there...

think out of the box, and possibly solve some problems

You have to remember to have your radio turned off, and your cell phone is going to tip them off you're lying... but if you have a pad of paper, and pen, and you've used it to carry on a conversation (with those pages still attached) ... write on it to talk to the cop. 

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wow, this looks like a massively capable hauler... the Kress Coal Hauler 200C bottom dump

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the world has changed a lot since mining ore carts

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Art Center College of Design's annual Car Classic 2014 special guests Daniel Simon and Syd Mead!

The talented artist and designers Daniel Simon ( and Syd Mead ( will be speaking on a panel entitled "Street to Screen", which dissects, in a likable way, the ongoing love affair between film and car culture!

Jay Ward will be speaking about the experience of bringing Pixar's terrific Cars movies to life, and the Cars Land in Disney's California Great Adventure in Irvine

10 a.m. Field opens to VIP guests, Sneak Peak ticket holders and the media
10:30 a.m. VIP Brunch with judges, patrons, sponsors and special guests
11 a.m. Field opens to the public
11:45 a.m. Welcome and opening remarks
12:30 p.m. Meet the Designers I: Bringing Pixar’s Cars Franchise to life
2 p.m. Meet the Designers II: “Street to Screen” panel discussion

not the funniest, or most clever, music video... but original. No one has ever made a song about bio-diesel powered cars before.

I wish they'd gotten Weird Al's help though, and made this funny.

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the Milthorpe Ford 1947, Australia

how do they keep the sand from getting in the carb?

we aren't likely to see anything cooler than this wheelie on water (today)

you don't see this every day... when loading the trailer goes really bad at the rock quarry

very old, but very interesting how innovative the movie makers were with portable tracks, and using stage coaches for train cars? Very cool

incredible artist camouflages utility boxes

Dutch designer Roeland Otten likes to brighten up urban streets by camouflaging misplaced public structures with site-specific art. He uses mosaics, geometric paint designs, and high resolution photograph wall coverings to recreate the otherwise blocked and lost views along city streets. Below are three different projects in which Otten decorates old, run-down public buildings that, although they are ugly, are necessary to maintain clean urban areas.


Cars' Lightning McQueen by Poster Explosion

Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Edward Elgar, British composer, leans on his bike.

Sculpture by Oliver Dixon. In Hereford, UK.

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doesn't look probable, but the driver was pretty damn clever, or lucky

Pretty cool pr

The Orlando Police Department presented officer Karen Long with a pink patrol car to honour her fight with cancer & in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. (photo: City of Orlando)

Facebook pages like George Takei find some funny stuff!

jumping - crashing - mudding fun, and a wet clay pool that no one seems to be able to power through

I've never seen a diesel Funny Car or Top Fueler before... interesting

A Jalopy Journal gallery of the 2014 Race Of Gentlemen, the photography of Tim Sutton

Neilson did a survey on "connected" car owners

and an article on what people are thinking about when it comes to gadgety infotainment systems in their vehicles

Next years Amelia Island Concours will feature the cars of the celeb cowboys

Once again Bill Warner has come up with a little something new for his annual Amelia Island Concours D'Elegance. On March 15, 2015, the 20th such Amelia gathering will display, "the eclectic and eccentric cars customized and modified to promote America's movie and TV cowboys with the highly anticipated ‘Cars of the Cowboys' class." Warner says the class was inspired when at age 11 he met then cowboy movie star Lash LaRue and was given a ride in LaRue's Muntz Jet car (For those who don't remember, the vehicle was one of the many promotions of "Mad Man Muntz" who gained his greatest fame for his "Muntz TV" that mounted a large, magnifying screen a few inches outside of the small screens then offered on most TV sets.) Among the "cowboy cars" slated to be on display are those of Leo Carillo, Tom Mix, Roy Rogers and Dale Robertson

Pssst, hey buddy. You in the cop car. C'mere, I got a donut for you

Klamath Falls cops... will they fall for this? The Fire Dept shares the driveway, and set the trap to find out. I think this guy is going to try it...

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there are awful movies, and then.... there's this travesty. I hope it was made for kids, cause no one else could possibly buy it

Tuesday, October 07, 2014

This past weekend was the Race of Gentlemen, here are some cool photos by Jay Phillips and Freaky Rico

Above are the "Rolling Bones" on the left, and I'm not sure about the red one, but it says Salinas over the back wheel

The Race of Gentlemen is nothing if not detail oriented. The race grounds themselves were quartered off by beach fencing. Each major sponsor was protected from the elements by what looked to be vintage circus tents complete with original tie-downs, hardware, and roof mounted wind socks. The food vendors were housed in reclaimed wood sheds that were assembled on-site much like the vintage-style timing and photography towers that lined the track. And then, of course, there was the glorious event headquarters – a WWII era General’s tent capped by a vintage Craftsman sign (a show sponsor).

Never have I seen a more focused group of traditional hot rods and bikes that spoke to me so loudly and so clearly. Right down to the last roadster, every car was appropriate to the venue and the vision of the Oilers and their “clothing company.” Everything fit with precision. It was a perfect field… So perfect, that I began to think again about the passion and dedication of the people that put this thing on.

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