Friday, September 30, 2011

Top gear does another crazy stunt, putting and Audi and a Jaguar on train tracks

see the video on Car Domain, it's in the 3rd segment (on the right hand border you'll see a keypad of numbers 1-7)

Top Gear Season 17 Episode 4

found the photos and info from Tamerlane's Thoughts

funny as hell Toyota commecial

6th annual Mid Coast Road Rally (in Iowa) gets underway Oct 1st, about 140 teams will be getting a start from the Albaugh collection and

Prizes and trophies are given for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. Also, a trophy is given for the team with the most Rally spirit—the Fun-Fun-Fun Award. And the Pink Panther trophy goes to the team with the best costume and theme.

It's too late to join now, but if you are around Des Moines, you can check on the site for their route, and put up prank direction signs, or some other funny stuff.

Next year join them, and get a tour of the Albaugh collection before the race.
Thanks to Bob C for inviting me to join, but I'm broke, and long way from Iowa

cool photos from Blacbird.tumblr

they've always been donor cycles... that's a terrible thing, but true
all from

Drive it like you stole it

photo by goncalo reis bispo
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Thursday, September 29, 2011

production cars racing... just fans showing up with their daily drivers to have fun

the largest and most complete Maserati collection in America has been found by Jim, and posted about on his blog, Tamerlane's Thoughts

Jim took the tour of the storage warehouse and museum, and took lots of photos!

Best looking trash and recycle cans I've seen

In 2009, the El Cajon Boulevard Business Improvement Association (BIA) started a pilot recycling program with 10 bins. Following that, the Association saw this as an opportunity to bring more art to the Boulevard and worked with graphic design students at SDSU to develop the concept. The designs created by the students were to enhance the look of these standardized bins, and at the same time, help identify the recycling bins from the trash bins located next to them.

The bins are reclaimed standard city trash bins with a custom fabricated top on the recycling bins. In the coming months, the Association is expanding the number of recycling bins to 20.

The students developed several great options. The El Cajon Boulevard BIA Board was so impressed by the designs that they decided to select three of the student's designs rather than the single design that was initially planned.

Congratulations to Kristin Hardy, Sonya Calderon, Cat Hunt for providing your creative design work which greatly enhances the Boulevard's garbage and recycling bins.

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Magazine review: Old Cars Weekly (Great content and variety, but nothing in color)

Wow, lots of cool content;

Vintage ad of the week

Wreck of the week

Impressive coverage of the big auctions

Concours De Elegance coverage
Feature car coverage

Bad news though? No color photos, just color ads, it's half classifieds, and the annual cost (but keep in mind this is for 5 times as many issues as monthly magazines) is double to triple what I pay for most of the dozen subscriptions ($32 for 52 issues vs $15 for 12 issues)... that aren't half classifieds, are all color, and have many more feature car stories.... black and white entertainment became archaic over half a century ago. Might as well daily commute on a horse as read a black and white magazine.

Good news? What they have is really damn good, and they have a hell of a lot of good stuff on the internet too. Several blogs from their subscribers? or staff... news, events, and readers cars plus lots more

car collector John Chapman lost more than 175 cars in the Texas wildfires... including a Shelby Cobra

Barnfind '49 Delahaye with body by Charon found in Washington state

Time capsule service station (closed since the 70's) contents auctioned off in Wisconsin

Barnfind Bugatti! 1938 Bugatti Type 57 Ventoux found in a Pennsylvania barn

Engine block recycling... very powerful shredder getting those wasted aluminum blocks back to work in new engines soon

Found on the trophy wall at Mossy Ford, pretty cool display of the mechanics pride

If it's getting time to get some new heads for your hot rod, consider the months of Oct&Nov and they'll throw in an Edelbrock jacket

I was just reading a price and flow comparison of the major head manufacturers, and Edelbrock pretty much has the best deal going, and if (like me) you factor in the other important matters, like customer service, hot rod community support, "Made in America" keeping our neighbors in SoCal employed, and their annual "Revved up for Kids" charity car show for the kids at the Center for Learning Unlimited  ... well, see if you get that package from their competitors like Indy Cyl heads, factory hi perf, Holley, AFR, Trick Flow, Brodix, Dart, etc etc. Plus, I dig the family history and involvement in hot rodding from the 1940's from Vic to Vic Jr. .. and that 1969 1/2 Four Fourty six pack super bee test mule!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Supercharged bug... wow!

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for the whole gallery of this and a couple other radical bugs, see

What is the best thing to do to other drivers who piss you off in traffic?

So far being in front of them and keeping your windshield washer pumping to soak them is about the only thing I can think of that you can get away with.

Of course, dumping chicken feathers is legal, but everything else I can think of will land me in jail.

Anyone know of anything that is really effective, but not going to cause a traffic crash and pile up?

Monday, September 26, 2011

Smallest electric car... was advertised as being able to fit in your doghouse

from the back page of the Sept 2011 Popular Science magazine

Advertising for NextGen Oil... partly recycled oil... seems like a good way to use disposed oil!

Idea of the day... parking lots with parking reserved for combat wounded

Some parking lots have pregnant mother parking... it's not enforced by police, but it's marked with pink signs. I'm fully opposed to this nonsense. Preganancy isn't a disability, it's not even debilitating.

Most parking lots have reserved parking spots close to a business's front door for anyone with a DMV recognized disability, normally related to walking problems.

But I just heard the concept of getting the state or nation to set aside parking for military wounded in combat... I think that is a damn good idea. About time too.

Jensen Sutta photography of the US Marine Corp National Museum

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Jay Leno has a car collection in his Big Dog Garage, and they have a racing team, and it gets hauled around by a 1961 Flxible bus... that's classic!

pretty cool...

Achmed the Dead Terrorist drives the Defibrillator in Jeff Dunham's new show "Controlled Chaos"

Bee found a clip of the Achmed - ified Defibrillator

For the whole gallery of the defibrillator at this spring's Grand National Roadster Show :   

Worst prices in town, on Coronado Island in San Diego Bay... (rich neighborhood, plus only 2 or 3 gas stations, and 10 minutes from the nearest mainland gas station)

the normal price in San Diego is 3.77 a gallon

I love tow trucks. I love COEs (cab over engine)... and streamlined anything are cool.. so the streamlined COE tow trucks are pretty much the peak of the genre

 This is typical of the Count de Sakhnoffsky design... he was tops in auto design in the 30's for a gallery and info about his work

All found on the HAMB thread