Saturday, April 28, 2018

the Hot Wheels 50th anniversary car show and party was incredible

I know I posted this once before, but that was indoors, bad lighting, from the passenger side only, and being able to walk around it was so much better

the Hot Wheels historic display

Hot Wheels is owned by Mattel, and they do not have a museum... not yet. They do have so many incredible people that have worked their in the past, and have a lot of great people who work there now, and the archivist/historian is fantastic. She has a goal of getting a museum that can share all the immense historical value of the original drawings, designs, concepts, prototypes, etc of the many lines of toys that Hot Wheels, and other Mattel companies like Barbie have generated over the past 5 or 6 decades.

Some fantastic original art works have been digitized already, and if nothing else, the history of the company, and it's many iconic products has not been lost, it's been getting scanned and filed so that nothing will be forgotten... and a lot of people dig the many things that Mattel has produced. 

looks like the Red Baron, but it's not. Not having a good memory or a photo of the real one, I didn't know.

how to move a Pagani

step one, one does not drive a Pagani in Los Angeles... have you seen the conditions of the roads? So you hire the newest unusual style of flatbed tow truck wit a two piece bed

step two, tilt it up and extend the top... slide it back like taking one card from the top of the deck without looking

Step 3, act like you do this everyday. It's true, no one drives a Pagani. They probably can't find an insurance company that will handle the risk

Have you heard of the Proud Bird restaurant? At the runway approach of LAX for dining while watching airplanes landing, it was begun in 1967 by a B 17 co-pilot. It's 11000 Aviation, in El Segundo, next to the 105 and 405 intersection