Saturday, December 04, 2010

beautiful paint color choice and scallop design, built by Johnson's Hot Rod Shop in Gadsen Alabama, it's the NSRA give away car for news on the car

Looks cool, interesting and rare... probably because sitting on this seat on a idling Harley would cause your crotch to get cut up on the gator ridges

Here below is another outside the convention halls

The Batmobile, Munsters Coach, and T Buggy along with a couple bicyles were all built by the Barris company

Found at SEMA: the talented, famous, gifted, and Corky Coker posing

Pure class act. This is the face of an honest guy, who has worked hard, played hard, and earned what he's got.
Chip was signing at about 3 or 4 different booths. Yup, high demand if you aren't familiar with why Bill Goldberg is famous in the automotive world

and two vets of the automotive world, George Barris and Linda Vaughn

You're not the Fonz, Corky.

Friday, December 03, 2010

The Rosedale Rocket, from Snoke's Metal Shed, a recently altered wheel base Comet built in just 2 years

awesome hood.

I doubt I'm alone in having one word to describe the way this looks. Dammit. You can see the build process or read a thread the owner is a part of discussing 64/65 Comets

Love for the Cheetah

Damn I'd love to drive this on the track or street

Newest recommended magazine, Las Vegas coverage primarily, but excellant! "Sunday Slacker"

As the publisher/editor wrote in the 1 year anniversary issue "this is for all those that enjoy the smell of an old car, gasoline and burnouts."

Sunday Slacker Magazine is the place to find out what's happening in car culture in the southwest and Las Vegas. Cruise through our pages for events, car shows, car clubs, custom builders, shops, artists and the influential leaders who have built our lifestyle from the ground up. Featuring antiques, classics, hot rods, customs, motorcycles, imports, lowriders, trucks, muscle cars, racing, motorsports and much more. Each edition covers the culture behind the cars including clothing, painters, artists, models, tattoos and music.

You can pick them up all over Las Vegas, or subscribe they are $5 apiece
The website isn't more than 3 or 4 full screen images, nothing linked or paged, just a subscription form... but it's a sound foundation for an events page, car clubs gallery, and contact page. Which, is editor or subscribe or events or check it out at facebook, myspace, flicker or twitter

Snow chains useful for more than traction...

they were used as percussion in the song Nowhere to Run by Martha and the Vandellas

Heard at the 9 second mark, and every 2 seconds after. Learned about this on KRTH Los Angeles Fm radio

California lawmakers can't pass or balance a budget, but get 5 million dollars worth of new cars annually for their personal use

Don't sweat it... it's the only state that wastes money on rich politicians automotive needs. Well, unless you count free gas and insurance... I bet your lawmakers and politicians don't pay for gas or insurance. I bet they get chauffered limos as a way around your state purchasing cars for them. You likely know they get a lifelong pension better than double your annual income, free medical care you can't afford, and you'd scream to be told the free overseas flights on "fact finding missions" and subsequent luxury hotel accomodations and vacation in overseas countries.

Wankers as the Brits would call them (in polite company) has the following to report about it: (I'm summarizing to avoid copyright BS)

California is the only state to provide rank-and-file lawmakers a luxury perk as the state has a 6 billion dollar deficit.
The state buys cars for lawmakers unlimited use under a decades-old program.
It spent more than $5 million for the latest suite of vehicles, including a $55,000 Cadillac and a $52,000 Lexus.

I listened to this today on KNX am 1070 Los Angeles

Think all of this is nuts? Heard of Speaker of the House Pelosi?
"Since 2007, we U.S. taxpayers have paid $2,100,745 for now-outgoing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to make 85 flights aboard a 42-seat Air Force C-32 – which is the size of a Boeing 757"

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Best cause for donating parts and time? Making a 32 roadster to tour, raise awareness, and auction to provide scholarships to kids of fallen soldiers

The IronMen Foundation has pledged its efforts to raise funds for these scholarships. Their first effort is to build a hot rod and auction it. They call it the Metal of Honor.

The IronMen Foundation was founded in 2007 to Provide Scholarships to the Children of Slain and Disabled Soldiers. We are simply a group of American Patriots, from all walks of life, doing something significant to support American Heroes' Families.

"We invited businesses in the Hot Rod industry to partner with us to build an automobile in which we could:
1.Capture the Attention of the American People;
2.Dramatize the Educational Dilemma of the Children of our American Heroes;
3.Tour a Car made from the Excellent Products of our Donor Partners—the Manufacturers who make the best products in the Hot Rod industry;
4.Create a desire to own this car;
5.Raise as Much Money for Scholarships as Possible in an Auction.

Our Board of Directors all serve voluntarily. We invite our friends, fellow church members, acquaintances, hot rod lovers, business owners, civic leaders, military personnel, government officials and celebrities to join us in this cause. has this 1932 Ford Roadster, honoring our Fallen Heroes, is being built by The IronMen Foundation. It will tour America throughout 2011 on its way to the Barrett-Jackson auction in Scottsdale, AZ in January 2012. All proceeds from the auction will fund scholarships for the children of slain and disabled soldiers.

Built from brand new parts generously donated by American companies, it is being built in Island Lake, IL totally by the hands of IronMen Foundation volunteers. Stunning, in shades of green, the car honors the men and women who have stood in harm’s way to defend our freedoms. It will be on tour throughout 2011 at car shows, civic events and military installations. You will be able to follow the tour’s progress by visiting our Tour Schedule page. Details will be posted as the schedule dates are finalized "

Valspar paint is lobbying Ford to get the duece into the Ford exhibit area at SEMA in 2011. Damn good idea, lets hope the Ford honchos make it happen.
Thanks to Chuck Caswell for telling me about this noble cause! It's what is great about SEMA, you meet such great people!

best looking dragster musclecar? A Superbird from Sox and Martin with a 440 6 pack hood scoop is the best mopar I can conceive of