Saturday, February 23, 2019

September 1941 photo by Marion Post Wolcott, one of the greats

Union Station in Denver, Colorado, circa 1885.

Erie Railroad bridge over Main Street in Jamestown, New York.

One hundred years ago, Jamestown had a big traffic problem on its hands. Over 50 trains passed through the bustling city of 40,000 on a daily basis -- trains that utilized 13 separate at-grade crossings where they competed with a growing number of cars, trucks, pedestrians, and a busy streetcar system. The railroad's east-west route through the middle of the city -- paralleling the course of the Chadakoin River -- meant that almost anyone who traveled between the north and south sides of the city had to wait patiently for tracks to clear and traffic to flow.

The inconvenience and danger that the busy at-grade crossings posed to city residents, as well as the liabilities they posed to the Erie Railroad, brought about a project to separate train traffic from other city traffic through a system of bridges and tunnels. The effort was launched in 1912, with costs divided between the railroad (50%), the city (25%), and the New York State Public Service Commission (25%). However, due to incompetent contractors and World War I, much of the work didn't begin until the mid 1920s. The project finished in 1927, with one additional project (the Fairmount Avenue Pedestrian Subway) added in 1936 to coincide with the construction of the Sixth Street Bridge.

It’s a complete bridge rehabilitation, and will take more time to complete than a typical bridge project. That’s because of the historical significance of the two stone arches that go over the river. “They’re basically reusing the whole stone façade, taking it off stone by stone. They’ll rebuild the structure of the bridge and then put the stones back. It will look very similar to what’s there now.”

When asked about the need to repair the railroad bridges, Schlemmer said there were structural issues, since concrete on the bridges was falling and some rebar was exposed. “So the repairs to those bridges are mostly facade-type work, with partial structural rehab. They are not tearing the whole thing down; they’re just re-doing the worst of small sections.” The railroad bridges are still being used by trains on a weekly basis as the work is being done

swap meet day! I look forward to this all year long, as it's the biggest yard sale in the county, and it's only once a year

I'm not familiar with model Ts, but this looks like an all in one electrical test gadget. Magnets and coil, or it could be something else. Either way, fantastic find at the swap meet

I scored an adapter! Play my cassettes on the 8 track! Whoa! Never expected to find one of these, new in box, but... the seller had another, maybe better? He's going to see what the other ought to be priced at, as the 5 dollars he was asking is certainly lower than market value... but, just how many people are going to use these anyway? Besides me? not many

and a good variety of 8 tracks, including the case, for around 30 bucks

The most heaters I've ever seen collected

and yes, I did pass on this Harley.

Friday, February 22, 2019

imagine gas stations looking THIS good, probably Sweden, 1951

a quiet snowy day in 1952

Victorian carriage house belonging to a residence in Little Falls, New York.

oh, the word is out, just point a camera at Swift and wait a moment. They can't help but oblige

10News – ABC San Diego KGTV news station’s cameras were doing b roll for the story in icy roads, when the camera guy noticed a Swift inbound... the rest is now memorialized for posterity

7 a.m. on Friday, February 22, on a black ice-covered stretch of I-8 in the Alpine area, east of San Diego

In the news footage, you can see an eastbound semi hit a patch of ice near the Willows Road exit and lose control. no sooner did the semi clear out, than a school bus lost control in exactly the same place

sometimes the hills ARE out to get you

The bus had to stop because a first landslide had occurred and the road was partially covered with stones. And the driver did well, because a few minutes later, an impressive landslide took away land, rocks and trees.

I hadn't seen this before

you just better recognize that you can only push a roo so far, then you better man up and take your beating. Cause the roo ain't puttin' up w' your shit no more

whatever it takes to drive it home instead of walking all those miles... and kudos for getting someone to bring a generator and welder, they've been down that trail bore I take it

meanwhile, at the HOA meeting

fantastic Cobra Torino found up in Fairbanks Alaska, with factory hoodpins, a 428, an auto, and it's only got 78k miles, still orig interior and paint

Funny, mean, but funny

smoking and dragging. Two words that equally apply to cigarettes and vehicles (smoking is obvious, but by dragging, I mean that a cigarette is smoked by taking a drag off it, inhalation of smoke)

Wow, I was so ignorant of White House formalities, I had never heard that christmas trees are picked by a contest, and arrive up the White House driveway by what appears to be the same horse-drawn wagon, every year

damn, we have a good looking 1st lady! After a long line of old looking women (Barbara Bush, Nancy Reagan, Michelle Obama) we finally have a leading lady on par with the most beautiful in Europe. Yup, I know, that's where she's from too... well, so? I don't care where the VS angels come from either

The National Christmas Tree Association has presented the official White House tree since 1966.

Members of the association compete in state and regional competitions to become eligible to take a tree to the national contest.

Harmon's Horse Drawn Carriages took over for Oxen Hill Farm, who traditionally handled the White House Christmas tree procession. However, after 25 years the team that had delivered the tree the year before was not well behaved and the White House needed one that was used to the public and had been exposed to all the excitement and movement, and the Harmons had trained Oxen Hill drivers and horses for many years and were the go to when OHF couldn't support the event.

Jack Harmon, the founder of Harmon's Hayrides and Carriages 42 years ago, had always wanted to bring in the Christmas Tree for The White House Blue Room. Sadly he did not live to see his dream come true, but his daughters and son have now been the drivers of the wagon now.

cool looking period piece movie about Texas Rangers hunting Bonnie and Clyde

From the golden age of motoring (40s through 60s) and trailer vacations, to the OPEC issue, this old service station thrived I bet, right up until corporate oil took out the mom n pops

Air Canada flying into San Francisco, in July of 2017, at midnight was not alert enough to see they were going to crash into 4 airliners on the taxiway.... and only veered off and began to climb when about 60 feet from the ground. Landings happen on runways, not taxiways

above is the news report, and is well done, makes everything clear. Next video is only the real time radio feed, and video

Air Canada flight 759 (ACA759), an Airbus A320, C-FKCK, was cleared to land on runway 28R at San Francisco International Airport (SFO), San Francisco, California, but instead lined up on parallel taxiway C, where four air carrier airplanes were awaiting takeoff clearance

United Airlines flight 1 (UAL1), a Boeing 787;
Philippine Airlines flight 115, an Airbus A340;
United Airlines flight 863, another Boeing 787;
and United Airlines flight 1118, a Boeing 737.

ACA759 descended below 100 ft above the ground, and the flight crew advanced the thrust levers to initiate a go-around about the time it overflew the first airplane on the taxiway.

the Amish and Mennonites don't get drivers licenses, do they?

unless you're operating a motor vehicle on public roads, you don't have to get a drivers license, right?

Sure, the cop is harassing him for something... that's not my point and we'll never know...

I was just suddenly curious after seeing this, about drivers licenses

1965 Mustang that's been sitting since 1975. I bet there's a couple reasons no one has done anything with it, and a lot of that is money.

Again, people have no idea how to make a video you'll enjoy, they simply are making a video WITH something you'll enjoy. So, go to settings, select 2 times speed, and move everything along.

He's a slow talking guy, so, even a 2x speed, you understand everything he says

'Super Off-Road' from 1989, an astonishing finish, like you probably have never seen before, with Walker Evans outracing Robby Gordon sideways across the finish line

How'd it get up there?

Thursday, February 21, 2019

coffee and donuts crash boom bang video!

my favorite wheelie is at the 4 minute mark

yup, after a solid day of posting good stuff, I can agree. A data dump is just what the day called for

amazing finish to a SuperEnduro race 3 weeks ago, craziest thing you'll see all week. HAAKER vs BŁAŻUSIAK Spain, 2019

the only way to get out of classes now is to have a power outage

innovation for the win, and free ride

check out this little hot rod wagon!

geez, this is the most.... toylike, Mustang I've ever seen

close! Nearly got away!

how to inspire customers!