Saturday, October 09, 2010

Hetfield's new motorcycle

Funny stuff!


paperslotcar.blogspot has some unusual hot rod and race car slots... thinking outside the box for sure

1910 Octo Auto by Reeves

Traversing Chicago streets, including those with ruts six inches deep, it brought "ease to the passenger and . . .length of life to the auto".
Its tires reportedly should last eight times as long as one might expect because eight wheels carried the load and eased the car in and out of road furrows caused by horse-drawn wagons. With 40-horsepower and a length exceeding 20 feet, this 4-passenger vehicle retailed for $3200.00. " quoted from:

OUCH! race them, but don't wreck them! Everybody repeat after me, shiny side up, rubber side down!

For the whole story and photo gallery:

barn find duece

This 1932 Ford coupe was bought in 1951 and parked in this garage in 1959. The owner, now 77 years old (so he was born exactly in 1932, looks at coincidence) gave up trying to restore the car one day and decided - thankfully - sell it. That was the first person to come in this garage since 1959, exactly 50 years later.
Check out Nik's blog for the whole story, and lots of other cool car stuff!

beer trucks, cool from the design, form, and function aspects. Cool rolling advertisements too, because at the time, alcoholic ads were illegal

Pontiac woody restored by another submariner, cool guy.

Hugh Chisholm's 1934 woody, more than one US President are connected to it and Hugh Chisholm... because he also had a 243' yacht in the DC area

Hugh was very very rich, and had a very very big yacht built... so nice that when the Presidential yacht USS Potomac was deemed unfit for open water duty, the US Navy decided the next best yacht (or the best, as we just read that the Potomac wasn't in good condition) was Hugh's private yacht that had been custom built for him by the Bath Iron Works (same shipyard that built submarines for the US Navy)

" President Truman spent more time aboard than any president spent on a presidential yacht "

The drum kit car

How cool is this novel way of promoting your drum business?