Saturday, June 06, 2009

Best damn coverage of the interesting, amusing, funny, and attention grabbing stuff that happened in the 1970's NASCAR

Thanks Harv!

5 Barn find Corvettes (in one barn in California) and a Yenko Duece (unrelated find)

Transforming the Pickle blog has a boatload of kustoms, before and after photos, here's George Barris at work in the 50's and Watson's shop

Dan's Hemmings blog is full of great stuff! I catch up with it often, and have recommended it highly for years

Musclepalooza IX:
Love this (also from Musclepalooza )

the 3rd annual Socal AMC gathering at the NHRA museum in Pomona

Papa John's founder is looking for the Camaro he had to sell to raise money to keep his company afloat.

"Kustom classics" Citreons... Hot rodding in Holland... love it!

Reminds me of

What is more strange, this vehicle, or that numerous people love and create them?


Wednesday, June 03, 2009

1977 or 78 Dodge Charger advertising. This is the example of selling ugly no interest cars

1977 - 78 Van Advertising, now THAT was a nation-wide short lived trend.

See also;

The Adult Toys from Dodge (1978 advertising campaign)

The "Adult Toys" were the Tradesman truck, the Warlock, the Street Van, and the Macho Power Wagon

Side effect of GM and Chrysler bankruptcy... immune to liability lawsuits

Check with ABC for the story, I just watched the evening news and Brian Ross, the ABC chief investigative reporter covers the story, after the link. just wait out the 20 second advertisement before the news clip.

Families of people killed and injured due to defective GM and Chrysler vehicular parts and products. One guy on the news lost his legs to a fire caused by a plastic brake cylinder. An ABC news camerman died when during a roll over, the roof collapsed of his SUV.

This time, the bankruptcy laws are written so that injured and dead people's lawsuits will be treated as equal to any other creditor that is owed money my GM and Chrysler, and never see a dime.

Monday, June 01, 2009

Admit it, this is funny. Swedish Hot Rod Association

Rolling On... is what I suppose it translates to

I've never seen a fire hose pump on the front of a Model T... great idea!


Looks like the Davis.. .. but I don't know what it is- other than crowded

look at the headlights and the overall shape and compare it to the blue Davis in:

Is it cyclops? or the Audette?

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GM of Sweden made an electric motorbike decades ago

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Bikinis and advertising, forever joined at the wallet

One fun advertisement.. I'd love to talk to the ad guy who thought of it

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