Saturday, October 21, 2017

Guy says he had an argument with girlfriend. I count 9 swings with a 7 iron

think a bird flying around in the garage is annoying, how about a roo hopping around?

Luv is in the air

how many people get that reference to a 40 year old song?

first time I've seen a blue AMX 3

I've posted every AMX 3 photo and article I've come across, as I think it's one of the coolest car designs, but I've never seen any color but red and yellow

Paul knew of it! It was on Ebay in 2015

This car was shipped to Indianapolis and driven 1000 miles before being put into storage. It was recently pulled out of storage and a full rebuild was started, including stripping all of the paint back to bare metal.

(You know what happened then - lack of resolve, funds, or commitment)

The owner has now had a change of heart and has decided to sell this car in the condition it is in presently. It is complete, ALL parts are with the car. The pic of the car on stands in bare metal is a current pic.

Reserve was higher than the 236k that was bid. No doubt, the reserve was ridiculous and around 600k. 

a counterweight

maybe tools made in the USA have no special magic that makes them better, but would you be upset if you paid for one, and the warranty replacement was made in Taiwan?

When military mechanics do their own oil changes.

old person solution to set the seat on their Mercedes SLK350. Yup, it’s permanent marker> They could have asked anyone under 50 to just set the seat memory switches, but... ego and pride, you know?

Nearly half of Los Angeles’ streets have speed limits based on outdated speed surveys, which has prevented Los Angeles police officers from using radar and laser devices to enforce rules against speeding.

Speed limits have expired on about 47 percent, or 596 miles, of streets, rendering those limits unenforceable in most cases, according to LAPD and Los Angeles Department of Transportation officials.

So city officials have been working over the past two years to update the limits by doing “speed surveys” or studies, clocking how fast most people are currently driving on those roads. The focus has been on getting the limits updated and enforceable along major streets with the highest frequency of traffic injuries and deaths.

The speed surveys are required due to a state law aimed at preventing “speed traps” from being set with artificially low limits.

But that law has made it more difficult for Los Angeles officials to enforce its speed limits, especially with city staff shrinkages. Such reductions previously left two people to do the studies when there used to be seven.

Under state law, to be able to enforce speed limits, surveys must be done to establish, or re-establish the limits every seven or 10 years.

Speed limits stayed the same on hundreds of miles of streets as a result of the surveys. But they have also led to proposed speed limit increases or decreases on dozens of streets throughout the city. Those changes require approval by the Los Angeles City Council to go into effect.

If the proposed changes are approved, the number of miles with up-to-date speed limits would go up to 64 percent citywide. At the same time, speed limits on 100 percent of the street miles designated as part of a “high-injury-network” would be made current and enforceable, according to Transportation Department spokeswoman Lilly O’Brien.

Speed limit increases are being proposed for a total of about 94 miles on 26 street segments, the majority of them in the San Fernando Valley. Many of the limits are now set at 35 mph and would be raised to 40 mph.

The proposed changes are set to be considered by the Los Angeles City Council’s Transportation Committee on Oct. 25. If approved there, they would go to the full council for a vote.

The state “speed trap” law prevents cities from setting “arbitrarily low” speed limits.

 This law is defended by the California Highway Patrol and AAA.

California requires local municipalities to periodically conduct speed studies and then to set speed limits based on how fast most drivers are already going. Cities are required to make the speed limit match the 85th percentile of prevailing traffic. Changes worsened the law in 2009 by taking away a modicum of local discretion to set slightly lower speed limits.

At the June 8th, 2016 Los Angeles City Council Transportation Committee, LAPD officer Troy Williams pissed and whined about the state of speed enforcement in Los Angeles.

 Per Williams, as of late last year, 75 percent of L.A. streets had expired speed surveys, meaning that LAPD’s speed limits were not enforced.

the full list of proposed speed limit changes are at

Elysian Park and lowriders

I just watched the movie lowriders  and learned about Elysian Park, a public park in central LA

Since the late 50's, or maybe even farther back in history, lowriders, just like hot rodders, were targeted by LAPD most everywhere they were, for moving violations and other mickey mouse shit. They finally figured out a way to avoid the cops though.

The lowriders did something really clever, that cops could not do shit about, unlike every weekend at a get together in some parking lot where cops would swoop in ticket every stupid thing and impound cars.

The park’s central location to car clubs in Los Angeles, the Valley and Orange County and relatively low permit fees have also made it a popular site for car club picnics. These are technically not shows, which apparently are not permitted. But what’s the point of a car club picnic if no one brings their Impala to show off?

The lowriders got a picnic permit and drove their cars in, had a contest, and then it became a annual event. Cops couldn't give them shit, they were having a picnic, with a city permit.

But, things do get out of control a bit, and the nearby Echo Park residents complained, called in the city council, the police and parking officers to enforce noise, traffic and drinking-in-public laws.

one Santa Rosa resident shared the pictures of his ruined collection after devastating wildfires

Since erupting on Oct. 8 and 9, the fires have blackened more than 245,000 acres, an area more than five times the size of Washington, D.C., and destroyed nearly 5,000 homes along with wineries and commercial buildings.

a 1967 Camaro, 199e Stealth, a 2010 Challenger SRT8, and a 1973 MGB

Thanks Gary

you know your kharma is bad when the manure bucket is full, and the boom breaks at the exact moment you'll get a face full

Todays total WTF

this is really in a Mercedes dealership... how the hell did they forget to swing out the arms and  balance the G wagon?

The mechanic didn't bother asking for, or improvising, a lock lug key

friends, that is an aircooled engine. Where did the water come from?

Good luck to you, former lube oil guy at Jiffy Lube, on your new job where ever it is

Some shadetree mechanic taped some nuts to the rim to balance it the old fashioned way with a bubble balance, is my guess

why would someone bolt a plate to a piston? Tosses that whole balance of the engine out the window

gorilla tape used to hold things together after the u joint blew up

Friday, October 20, 2017

dang, this is a sign I haven't seen before, but I think we'll be seeing these more often

A fly on the wall at a post-race debrief with TT legends Guy Martin, Cameron Donald, John McGuinness, Bruce Anstey and the Dunlop brothers

Oh damn... I bet that burned like hell

Well, damn. Have you heard of bike jacking? I posted one that happened in South America a couple years ago, but it looks like it's an epidemic in London now (just the 1st two minutes) but get a look, and see what happens to avoid it

and here's a video where a very astute observation was all it took to see scooter thieves

Well, there's always something you've never seen before, I never would have guessed it would be this

During the height of the Mexican drug war of 2010, a drug cartel launched an ambush against the armored Jeep Grand Cherokee of the Secretary of Public Security of the State of Michoacán,

The criminals fired over 350 rounds at the car, using weapons like G3 battle rifles, AK-series and AR-15 assault rifles, a .50 Barret anti-material rifle and 40mm grenades

The Level 5 ballistic protection armor withstood the attack, allowing the survival of the secretary herself, where no complete round managed to pierce the armored plates nor glass, just some fragments.

Two more bystanders died in the attack, and as revenge for failing to kill the secretary, the cartel murdered the mechanic behind the armoring of the car. The car now stands inside the company that armored it, as a trophy of the quality of their work.

take it to the track and have fun with it

bad ideas, bad decisions, and bad luck on 4 wheelers

art in the Bothwell auction

Two cased Robert Bosch ZR6 magneto repair kits,

Holy wow, the Lindley Bothwell collection is finally getting auctioned off!

Yes, a Rolls Royce Silver Ghost 1926 pick up truck