Saturday, September 22, 2007

Southbay Cruisers

Now that is a cool cowl vent!

It's very unusual to see a couple of Raod Runners at the same show, and especially when they are 1st and 2nd generation birds.

Lousy morning for a car show, so windy it would move your arm when you go to snap a pictures off... but that didn't keep these cars in the garage! J Street Marina Car show went on anyway

All taken of the same car wreck, involving the New York City Fire Chief

Via marvelous website of really old photos

For my biker friends out there

The pic of the training wheels is from a Russian website I think, the fish bike is from a fantastic photographer, and bike lover.

Look over these pics for more cool photos from Will at a block party he photographed

Pebble Beach Concours De Elegance, unusual and intriguing cars

I think these photos are from

A couple of photos from here and there around the internet

Click on all pictures to enlarge them,

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Lambo Reventon... via Carscoop another I recommend highly

Various interesting pics from all over the web

Most of the hot rod ones are from the Jalopy Journal, which I strongly recommend

DiMora JX Coupe heading Northbound on the 15 outta San Diego... Yeah I know you've never heard of it...

The DiMora name was familiar to me after reading about this guy somewhere connected to the Pebble Beach Concours De Elegance. His company has some two million dollar car that some link promises to take you to, and doesn't. Pissed me off to be teased about a cool car after a link, that isn't there. It took me to the homepage for his company which is the homepage for the one I just linked you to, but you are going directly to the page for this cars write up.