Sunday, December 02, 2018

Built in 1955 as the eighth B-52, ‘008’ became famous as the main carrier aircraft for the X-15 program at Edwards AFB.

By the time she was retired on 17th December 2004, she had become the only non’H’ model B-52 still flying and a bit of a celebrity. She immediately became part of the AFFTC (Air Force Flight Test Center) Museum and has now been placed on display at the North Gate to Edwards AFB, CA, USA. 29-6-2016.

Thanks Steve!

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  1. They had these at Griffith Air force Base in Rome NY near me and still have one on display there. If anyone has ever had the opportunity to see one in flight it's AMAZING! They're so big they almost look as if they're not moving, almost hovering. It's incredible. And if it was sunny out when they flew they would cast an enormous shadow. Just an incredible sight!