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Tuned exhaust

marketing know how, either make them laugh or cause them to buy. Either way, win win

The Woolaroc and the tribute room at Frank Phillips ranch

Four days after Charles Lindbergh’s famous transatlantic flight in May 1927, James Dole of the Dole Pineapple Company offered a $25,000 first prize for an air race of its own – across the Pacific from Oakland to Honolulu

for a 500 photo gallery of the Dole Air Race see

Frank Phillips, president of Phillips Petroleum Company

With an enthusiastic crowd of more than 50,000 cheering them on, the eight competing aircraft attempted to take off from the muddy Oakland Airport field at about noon on August 16, 1927. Two of the fuel-heavy planes crashed on takeoff and others soon returned to the airport for repairs.

High-octane aviation fuel developed by Phillips Petroleum powered the “Woolaroc” monoplane to victory in a dangerous 1927 air race over the Pacific.

Two years after the 1927 Dole Air Race, Frank Phillips brought his winning plane back to his Osage Hills ranch and built a hangar for it – the first building in what would become today’s Woolaroc Ranch and Wildlife Preserve.

Will Rogers once said, “When you are visiting the beauty spots of this country, don’t overlook Frank Phillips’ ranch and game preserve in Bartlesville. It’s the most unique place in this country.”

This is a small exhibit, but I also learned that the Phillips 66 company has a museum

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Dole Travel Air 5000 at Wheeler Fld, Hawaii

8x10 press photo of the start of the Dole Air Race in Oakland, California on August 16, 1927. Caption pasted on the back reads, "General view of flying field where four planes took off for Honolulu in the Dole $35,000 prize air derby. The Oklahoma is seen on the starting line, with other planes in rear awaiting their turn.

a pair of Royal Princes, Albert and Henry, at Cambridge University, 1920

one of the 1st 5th wheel trailers

Steampunk motorbike cgi

more dirty corrupt cop news, Philidelphia's finest extorting motorist

A Philly officer has been pulled from street duty while police investigate whether he tried to extort money from a man he stopped for an alleged traffic violation.

Video appears to show the officer giving a driver an ultimatum: Buy tickets to "The Hero Thrill Show," or your car will get impounded.

Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey said after watching the video. "It's just not good at all. There's nothing about the stop that's good. Period. And I'm not going to even remotely try to justify any of it."

"The Hero Thrill Show" is being held this year on October 10, 2015 at the Wells Fargo Center. The event helps pay for the children of fallen officers and firefighters to attend college.

only the first minute of the video is this story, it wasn't editted.

I've never seen a Flanders electric car before, here's one in 1912 on the Glidden Tour, pathfinding along the Mississippi

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those logs in the picture are floating along the river

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the train at the Detroit Zoo

Streetcar in Palmer Park, Detroit

railroad art on buildings

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and they didn't see the cool motif of Palace St Station Casino in Vegas:

but they have a dozen more:

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the 1911 Good Roads Tour sponsored by the Touring Club of America

Skidding out logs the old fashioned horse powered way

getting across country in 1909 was not easy, or for the weak

Crossing Colorado with the Glidden Tour.... AAA was there to certify, if I recall correctly

Simple crude but effective bridges

Packard... one of the 3 "P"'s of the best American made cars, (Peerless and Pierce Arrow are the other two "P") earned it's reputation the hard way. Trucking, limos, touring cars... doing all of it better than the competition.

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This is an example of how tough and dependable Packard was, yesterday I posted their bulletproof presidential limo

all this back lash from taxi's to Uber and Lyft? Ironic. Taxi tycoon John Hertz created the car rental business, and Uber and Lyft and a mix between a rental car, and a taxi

During a business trip in 1923 John Hertz, president of the Yellow Cab Manufacturing Co., set out  to Europe to gain new taxi company contacts to buy cars, though he saw the cabs and buses as “propagandists” in the drive to popularize American cars in Europe, as well as American-style systems for taxi business.

His trip turned out to be a great success. Hertz secured orders for 230 cabs for taxi companies in Paris, Copenhagen, Stockholm and Lisbon.

Back in the States, Hertz parlayed that success into yet another venture, purchasing Walter L. Jacobs’ car rental firm, which would later become the Hertz Drive-Ur-Self System.

And this also explains the Hertz color of yellow background, black letters. Typical taxi lettering.

cast members from Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show posing in cars in front of Grant's Tomb

The world's 1st motel, the Milestone Mo-Tel, later named the Motel Inn, San Louis Obispo

In 1925 an enterprising entrepreneur realized the value of location as well as a new concept for travel lodgings. The Motel Inn in San Luis Obispo became the first "Motor Hotel" or "Motel." The word "motel" was invented for this particular establishment, on the way to "motel" being a generic noun.

The 1st was named "Milestone".

Salient features of motels were also created with the Motel Inn, such as individual units with a parking space for an automobile directly in front of the unit's door.

 The Motel Inn was originally located adjacent to highway 1, which became highway 101, which now is freeway 101.

Catching the eye of the weary traveler was key to motel success. In the land of the padres, church bells, caballeros and rancheros, what better way to draw the attention of travelers than the vision of a modern-day mission, a miniature of what arriving guests might have just visited on the way from L.A.? Heineman housed the public rooms in white stucco buildings with red tile roofs.

He built a tower inspired by the Santa Barbara mission and an arcade that emulated the nearby Mission San Luis Obispo. Red peppers hung from wood beams, and waitresses in Mexican dress served homey food. Cars were "gasoline horses" and garages "auto stables."

Heineman's original plan was for 18 motels from San Diego to Seattle, about 150 to 200 miles apart, much like how the original missions were spaced a day's horseback ride from one another. But then came the 1929 Depression, and Heineman waved goodbye to his dream.

 The Motel Inn has fallen on hard times. As of 1999, the Motel Inn was abandoned.

I bet you hadn't heard this before... the REO Speed Wagon, was built to cash in on business delivery uses, and Coca Cola was the 1st to contract for a fleet of them

on the side of the cab below the belt line is says, Coca Cola, Orange Crush, Green River.

The gas tank above the drivers knees says "Speed Wagon"

Qantas, 2nd oldest airline, founded by a couple guys that were the 1st to realize Australia is too damn big to drive across (1920 it took 2 months)

In 1919,  Fysh and McGinness accepted an assignment from Australia’s Defense Department to manually survey a route for an upcoming air race.

 On August 18, the duo—both World War I veterans and former Australian Flying Corps officers—began the drive in a Model T Ford across the rugged Australian outback.

They started in Queensland’s Longreach and headed for Darwin in Northern Territory. Their set of wheels, nicknamed “Molly,” did not have the luxury of traveling on paved interstates or stopping at highway rest stops. Instead, Molly and her crew braved small campsites, primitive roads and dusty towns. Molly occasionally stalled in the mud and sand, often requiring a tow from passing horse traders.

After 51 days and 1,350 miles, Fysh and McGinness reached the Katharine River in Darwin.

1912 Isotta Fraschini KM, 700 cu in 4 cylinder

I'm impressed by the aerodynamic mod to the single headlight, and the horn. The v shaped radiator might have been for this reason, or to simply increase the surface area for cooling, over what can be achieved with the same height and width flat radiator

I love finding the dealership tags on the dashboards, very rare

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