Saturday, April 23, 2022

Rob Zombie and Butch Patrick

seen on todays walk

I'm thinking this is a Chevelle, GTO, or 442 

someone is crazy about VW trucks

another neglected BMW, and if I'd taken a photo of the damage to the top, and back you would see just how bad this is. I can't imagine how the hood got to look like that, but it's marked up, everywhere, the front bumper you can see has been broken off the tabs that used to keep it locked in place

A Ranchero above, and a block away another Ranchero... at least, the outline shape of the grill seems to be the same

it doesn't look like a bug, but, that's what's in the same spot on Google street view

and  now, comparing the two, I can see the typical dual exhaust, the roof outline is all weird, probably a roof rack

yup, roof rack

this has been in that driveway since at least 2007

above is the place with the above mid 70s Mopar

and this was that place back in 2007 when Google Street view first drove through

I see some interesting things besides vehicles when out walking, though I don't often take pictures of any of it, but figured, why not make a post of some of it? A few readers have seemed interested in the daily walk


Some neighborhoods have iconic landmarks, and the old gates are what sets Talmadge apart

unusual looking tree, just ENORMOUS fronds

I like this place, small, over a garage, and in nice quiet Kensington

this porch seat even has wheels

the Beatles, in the Yellow Submarine, in an Octopuses' Garden, get it?

Quartermass Stensrud 1907 house

The house was built in 1907 at 4008 University Avenue by Rueben Quartermass, a developer with the Columbia Company in early San Diego, as well as a department store owner. The area, known as City Heights, was rapidly becoming one of San Diego's streetcar suburbs serviced by the San Diego Electric Railway. In 1907 there were 475 homes in City Heights.

The house was sold in 1912 to Charles O. Stensrud. Stensrud was involved in real estate and banking for East San Diego when City Heights incorporated under that name in 1912. Later he became the East San Diego City Health Commissioner and was a driving force behind getting University Avenue paved.

With 3,619 square feet, and located so near the San Diego State College, the home served as a fraternity house in 1931-32 and 1940 for Kappa Phi Sigma and Eta Omega Delta, respectively. It also served as a boarding house during World War II.

Yeah, there are some odd trees around San Diego, this is certainly something that must have influenced Dr Suess (a San Diegan) 

SD ZL1 burns a LOT of oil

Mike says says this is a COPO

notice the wheels are sticking out past the car

the Lions Museum had a gasser event, and Brendon sent me photos! Thanks Brendon!


One of the region-specific Mustang promotions, was the Rainbow of Colors in 1968

These promo paint models could be basic six-cylinder commuters or sporty GT fastbacks and anything in between but only on 500 limited edition Mustangs in West Coast districts including Salt Lake City, Utah; Los Angeles and San Jose in California; and Honolulu, Hawaii. 

A few years later PPG Ditzler put out a supplemental 1967-69 Ford paint bulletin listing 13 colors for a Rainbow of Colors special. 

After collecting several dealer created Rainbow Sale advertisements it also appears from the newspaper advertisements that sale went by many names Rainbow of Colors, Special Rainbow Colors, Rainbow Series, Rainbow Roundup, Special Rainbow Finish, Rainbow Mustang Sale, or just Rainbows.