Saturday, November 06, 2021

it seems to me that this bike needs a heavier rider, or aero that adds downforce

the school cafeteria lady (who deserves a medal and a statue) noticed a kid with a height/reach problem, and got her husband at Wright Manufacturing in Portland and his team (standing ovation, or key to the city, for them), who put together a badass cart so the kid can hit the lunchroom without troubles


It has handlebar grips like a motorcycle, and a matching stepstool so he can reach the cafeteria countertop. It is adorned with flames and a personalized license plate that says, "JULIAN."

"They took the time to get those license plates with his name, they just really put a lot of heart into it. So when I saw it, the first thing I saw was actually a picture of James and his team who made the cart and I cried. It's just such a sweet thing," his mom said.

Julian is now able to grab his lunch and get out to the benches in style and independence

found on Upworthy, a rare, cool, good news website

Pres Biden's staff decided it required an 85-vehicle motorcade through Rome to meet the pope in person ahead of the UN Climate Change Conference

 Democrat Mario Procaccino coined the term "limousine liberal" in his ill-fated 1969 campaign for New York City mayor. Author and journalist Tom Wolfe perhaps popularized the insult in his 1970 essay, "Radical Chic: That Party at Lenny's."

It's ironic, or hypocrisy, to insist that internal combustion engines are phased out by democrat politicians, and that after 2030, or 2035, only electric vehicles will be available for purchase, in California, where the quite old and limited electrical supply infrastructure are not capable of the needs of the consumers during a hot day when air conditioners will be used, or during droughts like this past summer which depleted the water levels behind hydroelectric dams, to the point they weren't able to generate electricity

In August, California officials shut down the Edward Hyatt hydropower plant for the first time in its 60-year history after water levels at Lake Oroville sank to historic lows.

If politicians were concerned with pollution, carbon foot print, green house gasses, and the other buzzword phrases used to imply negative on climate change, they would use an website or program for meetings, instead of the estimated 2 million pounds of carbon dioxide that this climate conference produced

This 1955 VW Beetle, was reportedly parked in the junkyard in 1969, but was just discovered and purchased

A 1962 Lancia Fulva parked in Italy for 47 years has become a tourist attraction, the owner is now 94, and he parked his car outside his newsstand in 1974, and used it as a depository.


"I ran the newsstand under the house for 40 years together with my wife Bertilla," Fregolent told Italian newspaper Il Gazzettino.

"When I opened the business, I was happy to have the Lancia Fulvia parked in front of it because I had the newspapers unloaded in the trunk and then I took them inside."

After nearly five decades, town officials have decided to move the vehicle because it was blocking the flow of traffic and pedestrians, Il Gazzettino said.

On October 20, the car was taken to the Auto e Moto d'Epoca Motorshow in Padua, to display it for a short period of time alongside other classic cars.

After that, the car will be restored and placed in the garden of the Cerletti Enological School, which is opposite Angelo Fregolent's home, where it will continue to be a local landmark. The couple will be able to see it from their window

VW did a good job of making the impression it's trying to reimagine the hippie bus, if they'd just remake the actual 1950s and 1960s busses, that'd be perfect

Chick-fil-A's fun advertising on delivery and catering trucks


the fun marketing notion that cows are trying to convince people to avoid eating cows, and to eat more chicken? Is a hoot. 

beautiful 2 tone (subtly done) Brookwood... when's the last time you heard of a Brookwood? Great looking car, even though it was the entry level wagon, and it's a shame these aren't getting a RETRO (Can you hear me Detroit?!!) version

the spear trim on the side isn't stock, that's custom... well done!


there is a new book out, about the history of indoor hot rod car shows, with Bob Larivee

 new it's 60 bucks, everywhere I see it, and 50 used on Amazon. I'll wait until the prices come down. That's a lot for a book that I'm only going to read once. I'm sure I'll love it, and post about it, but - 60 bucks is a lot for a book that should cost 30. Inflation sucks

legit vintage racing Ferrari in the Craftsman tools booth


great Cougar!

 I got to talk to the owner, he got it from his dad, and used it as a daily driver for a while, then he made it his restoration project I think he said. Frankly my memory of the conversation of a couple of days ago is nearly gone. I did get to meet his son too, and it's probable that his son will own it next

terrific wheel and rim choice

a van that survived the 80s, and off roading


they can make it sit up, but it won't roll over... it's got pride


a long bed, crew cab, 90s Dodge truck sure is big, and good at getting people to stop and stare

cool little expandable trailer. the Hitch Hotel

the North Hall tradition of some company bringing this bean bag game carried on this year

Ebay motors was trading the 10mm socket set for a badge scan... I find a lot of humor in using the 10mm socket set a booth bait

that's a 6 dollar set, that immediately was for sale online for 14.75 to any sucker that wanted a SEMA souvenir

the 4 wheels banner over the booth was new, and cool

the Foose exhibit took up and end of the North hall, 20 cars very spaced out with no displays to fill in around them

this one on the bottom was at a local San Diego car cruise some years ago, in 2007, and is a beautiful car that shows what an obscure Plymouth Savoy can look like with blank check financing and extremely talented design.

It was designed by Foose, built by Trepanier, for Poteet just 3 years after Rad Rides by Troy became a business, and auctioned off in 2002

compliments to Label Industries on their fantastic 1970's theme booth, and the only Pantera I saw at SEMA


nice 1969 Dart, I didn't even know the Swinger was a trim level in 1969, I thought that the Swinger was a 1973 to 1975 model. This is a one owner car