Saturday, January 28, 2023

how to prevent door dings... cleverly

Pay for two parking spaces

a great historic shootout cover was recreated at the MCACN, it's a cool way to remember the famous magazine story

A Duesenberg Model J, was sold without the trunk in the mid-1990s after winning it's class at the 1988 Pebble Beach Concours, now the trunk is available for another Duesenberg

'49 Mercury Pro Mod “El Mero Mero”

great graphics, it's nice to see a fun loving racer decorate their race car with 

old school power and performance tips

a million mile Honda Accord owner made notes on how to keep a car running, without dealership costs when possible, and what OEM parts to use, and which parts can replaced with aftermarket parts. I find it fascinating

"I have learned (at least for this car) that some parts really need to be replaced with OEM parts," Kilmer told The Drive. "I've used OEM parts for: front lower ball joints, clutch master and slave cylinders, coil packs, wheel bearings, engine mounts. I've used other OEM parts here and there, but those are parts I'm not willing to compromise on this car. [I've heard] too many horror stories of people neglecting to replace the belt or using a cheap belt and having it snap usually causing engine destruction."

Still, Kilmer has bent his own rules in a few places. Because he drives so much and changes oil so often, he switched to extended-life oil and filters, which he changes every 15,000 miles. (He still uses the recommended oil weight, though.) Kilmer also uses Redline transmission fluid (a well-regarded aftermarket brand), which he changes every 100,000 miles, and a serviceable K&N air filter serviced twice annually. They're buy-it-once items for most people, though Kilmer had to get a second at 686,000 miles.

In fact, there are a fair amount of aftermarket parts on Kilmer's car, from its wheels to a throaty Tsudo exhaust and Powerstop brakes. They're just to slow brake rotor warp, even though he's not servicing brakes often (his last set lasted 154,000 miles). He's similarly soft on his spark plugs, only his third set, and a clutch that was only just replaced a second time at 948,000 miles.

Kilmer's gone through more ball joints and tie rod ends than are worth counting, not to mention the occasional strut. Its CV axles needed replacement at 440,000 miles, while the catalytic converter burned out at 500,000. One imagines it's approaching another replacement soon.

Items that you don't imagine wearing out have needed fixing too, from the driver seat (its adjustment wore out) to control arms and door lock actuators. Kilmer's Accord is on its third radiator and power steering pump, and he's recently had to replace its wheel bearings and steering rack. And while the engine may be original, the drivetrain didn't get this far with regular fluid changes alone.

On top of common, but infrequent maintenance items like oxygen sensors or the clutch slave cylinder, Kilmer just had to replace all the engine and transmission mounts. When he replaced the transmission, he also did the flywheel and rear main seal. That's about as close as the engine has gotten to disassembly, the most extreme jobs were valve cover gaskets and an oil pan—its drain plug threads had stripped. lists gas stations all across Canada and the USA that have non- ethanol gas for sale

Doug let me know that a nice poster collection is being auctioned off, including Mucha, Geo Ham, Cuneo, etc

Friday, January 27, 2023

I bet the fng was volunteered to pedal the pump all day long

you know there was once a time when Mickey was selling gas?

the hot rodding 50s


here's a look at how photo realistic video games are now

a drone's look at Retromobile

A Porsche and Volkswagen dealer entered a dune buggy into the 1970 24 hours of Daytona "as a novelty" with a Deserter GS, effectively a tube-framed Formula Vee car with a dune buggy's body.

They were running practice laps when Gulf Oil-backed JW Automotive, sent out its Porsche 917K practice car with Formula One Grand Prix-winning Jo Siffert who would intercept the buggy-bodied prototype early on his second practice lap, attempted to pass on the straight into the dogleg turn four, the two cars made contact.

Rather than get pushback from his Porsche VW bosses, Heishman withdrew from the race.

terrific paintjob of a snake on this Ju 87

nose art on the engine cowl... I don't think I have seen that before

posted because I like to listen to them


Spitfire presented to RAF by Uruguayan Railways staff, by Brigadier FD Hammond, chairman of Central Uruguayan Railways.

I'm impressed with these tank treads

one of nineteen C-47 Skytrains shot down by flak west of Bastogne. The aircraft was baptized ‘Aint Missbehavin’ by the crew. The pilot crash landed safely after having dropped supplies to elements of the 101st Airborne Division which had successfully repulsed all attempts to capture the besieged city of Bastogne, Belgium.

Jay Leno relayed in a recent interview "I’ve got a broken collarbone, two broken ribs, two cracked kneecaps" from trying to access a parking lot while riding a 1940 Indian, and not seeing the small cable across the driveway, with no flag

Jan 17th... but what most guys want to know after finding out that Jay's ok... is, how's the bike? 

Ever look at a car and think, with a couple small changes, that would make a good looking hot rod?

put this nose on a 38 Ford

Keep the Ford's headlights

Just an idea

A man drove his Porsche from Texas to break into Maker’s Mark Distillery in Kentucky.... 800 miles, about 11 hours drive

This was his second incident at Maker’s Mark in the past two years. On July 9, 2021, the Marion County Sheriff’s Office received a call from the distillery that a customer was on site and that he complained of being poisoned and talking out of his head.

The NRA points out some stats about rifles, and uses the F150 as the comparison / counterpoint. It's something most people can relate to... interesting.

in 2020, more than three times as many AR-15s were sold as Ford F150s. Further, less than 2 percent of all gun crime is committed with these types of rifles.