Saturday, April 23, 2011

The 3 seater- propeller driven- 1913 Thor pacer bicycle mated to a Henderson motorcycle engine with a propeller

Strange arrangement of controls... why the rider in the back gets to adjust the speed, but can't see if the bike and riders are likely to run into anything... that doesn't seem like the best idea.

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Look close at the chain, it's the only one I've seen like it. I wonder why they thought this double roller type would be better than a single link and roller

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Jamaica; cars that aren't found in the USA, the Noah, Prairie, Fortuner, Tiida, and best of all uncommon names, the Space Wagon

To begin, here are typical vehicles in these first two photos... Mazda and Toyota are the predominant most common makes, and the most common type of car is the mini van, but they are smaller than minivans in the USA

The above and below 2 photos go together

Below is a Honda CRV, but larger than the USA version

Mitsubishi Spacewagon, sold in other countries as the Chariot, Nimbus, and Expo

Jamaica; street signs are objects to put advertisements on

This Burger King globe is very similar to the old gas pump globes

The middle two photos are just to show the surroundings of the street signs

Jamiaca: Ice cream truck equivalent - the motorcycle sidecar that plays christmas carols

If you've lived in an American city in the last 30 years, you have probably come to know the ice cream trucks as annoying loudspeakers on wheels the have "Pop Goes the Weasel"

But in Jamaica it is a scratchbuilt sidecar (above of course) that plays a dozen christmas carols. It's a welcome change

Back from Jamaica,

The easiest way to spot a taxi is the red license plate, the regular vehicles are white plates

In many of the vans and small bus transporters they have seating that allows for 2 people on the drivers side, and single seats on the passenger side, but the aisle has flip up seats that are innovative, and allow for the aisle space to be used for more passengers