Saturday, March 02, 2013

the So Cal Challenge was at the Adams Motorsports Park today, just a couple photos of the participants til tomorrow

More photos tomorrow of the cars shooting around the track (At least 4 Camaros, 68s and 69s)

Bangshift is covering the racing

the link is but it's not working right now, at 11pm Saturday night.. Can't blame them! They'll probably have it going when they get back to the office on Monday 

Not really in the spirit of "Protect and Serve", I think this could easily be mistaken for sneaky and rotten

I actually do spot cops like this, it's rare to get to photograph them like this though.

But I circled back to get a shot from across the intersection, to give him a chance at redemption if he wasn't sitting to snipe the oncoming traffic, but that is exactly what he's doing. Big surprise right? Is there anything impossible about a cop hanging out where they can be seen? 

One of the most easily recognized people in America has his own parking spot, right in front of his company headquarters. Jack, he's the head honcho!

Jack in the Box headquarters is a couple blocks from where I work, at Spectrum Center Blvd and Ruffin Rd

car detailing workshop next Saturday, March 9th, 10 am to noon, in Santee (east San Diego)

Hot rod 1956 White in Brazil, before the internet made getting parts easy!

thanks to Ulisses for sharing! 

Thursday, February 28, 2013

the big beautiful classics at the Desert Classic this past weekend

1934 Auburn Phaeton V12, one of 27 (check out the front bumper)

 1933 Marmon V16 series 144, one of 71

 the Mercedes from the Petersen Museum front reception area

 1938 Rolls Royce Wraith, one of 3

How Mopar Muscle magazine went from original publisher to present day Source Interlink Media

From the creator, Larry Dobbs, to Petersen Publishing, to McMullin then Source Interlink Media.

Thats 4 owners, and likely a car during that period of time, 1988 to present, would have 4 as well

Do you think badgering Dan to get his website up and running would be good, or bad?

this ought to be a familiar car to you long time readers, Dan went from a 68 383 Road Runner to a Optima Street Car Invitational contestant.

He has his own shop, and what does he do there? Add content to Facebook. I'm against that fundamentally.

Is he building race cars? Upgrading 1960's Mopars to perform like his Pro-Touring Road Runner? Making engine coffee tables?

So, if you kindly want to help Dan decide to get his website filled in for our information and enjoyment, email him 

If you prefer the Facebook method,