Saturday, March 31, 2018

Coffee and donuts video, Bud's buzz rig, a Model T Ford powered Wood Saw he built In 1951 using an engine that he had rebuilt in 1935.

you're looking at the last of the old timers still working with wood. There aren't many from that generation left, and darn few of them are still using a buzz rig, and this guy has to be the last using a model t tractor, and model t buzz rig.

That's how it was done when I was a kid, and I spent plenty of time helping. The piles of sawdust that were created were the size of sofas. They would be so big we'd have to get after them with a shovel to clear some area so that the saw dust didn't interfere with the new saw dust coming off the buzz saw blade.

The Big Rig Jig was made up of two oil tanker trucks, taken apart and put back together, a Burning Man art installation

1950 GMG Jaguar

Originally built with a 1.5 liter Jaguar engine, it was upgraded to a 2.5 a few years later.

The car was found disassembled in England, where it had languished in storage since the 80's. It was restored between 2008-2011.

well, here's an obvious adaptation of the Jonkhere Rolls Royce

racing conditions so hot, the drivers stopped on a corner for a cooling bucket of water to be dumped on them! (thanks Graham!)

I dig the classics

GTX damaged by neglect. Damn shame

Road Runners had a pretty cool tape stripe design from scoosp to tires

a couple Burning Man vehicles

The Beamer Steamer mutant vehicle by Bob and Karen Thomson.

The Beamer Steamer mutant vehicle by Bob and Karen Thomson. Bob and Karen Thomson of Southern Oregon had been participating in the Kinetic Sculpture Race for several years when they decided they wanted a vehicle that they didn’t have to power with their own effort and sweat. They created the Beamer Steamer to go to Burning Man.

some quirky little race cars

March banners

Friday, March 30, 2018

1959 Old Yeller II at Goodwood 2013, with white walls. Ever wonder why there are whitewalls on this dominating innovative race car?

Max Balchowsky was one of first using a Durometer to check softness, and when studying tires found that the softest compound and happened to be Goodyear whitewalls that were made for station wagons.

Everyone was using hard tires worrying about "blowouts" in the 200 mile races of the day, but didn't have the traction for cornering that Max wanted.