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the 1967 Mustang Stallion, a Canadian made special Mustang

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1967 Mustang Stallion... A limited edition dealer option from Mainway Ford in Toronto, Ontario. The cars came from the factory with the 390, 4 bbl and 4 speed transmission. Mainway then replaced the rear tail-light panel and tail-lights with 1967 Cougar units, chromed the side vents, and added the chrome trimmed, vinyl along the fastback. The interior features the brushed aluminum panels that were a Mustang option. Stallion badges were added to the fenders and the trunk lid, pop open gas cap with the Stallion graphic and a similar badge on the passenger side dash. The graphic is a rearing Stallion!

I can't find the first time I posted about this car, but I never learned about the background on it.

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from a John Wayne movie you've probably never heard of "Circus World"

it's about a circus owner that is still in love with the woman that left him 15 years before, and the trip to Europe to find her, and save his circus. The extremely beautiful Claudia Cardinale who you might remember as Princess Fawn in the original Pink Panther movie

Fangio, Monaco, and that cool car (music sucks though, lower your volume)

a cold day, a Chicago fire, and the water used to douse the fire instantly froze on everything

Chicago-based Photographer David Schalliol
The Frozen Aftermath of a Chicago Warehouse Fire. Temperatures were so low during the fire that water sprayed on the building froze almost instantly leaving behind a spectacularly beautiful ice-encrusted wonderland. [Via:thisiscolossal]
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cars from the movie Death Race, a step closer to nice than the Mad Max post apocalypse bad ass vehciles

Back in 2008 Jalopnik wrote them up the company that built them had a lot to say about them here:

Electric Mayhem... those of us who were kids in the 70's know why its cool

Ardun Heads

According to Hot Rod magazine, there were 8 sets of Ardun heads made.

Uh Oh.... according to Bangshift, 50 sets were made.

Did Hot Rod believe Mumford? Or go with what they heard? Oooof. That's not good to blow off the fact checking when you (Hot Rod Magazine) are the reputable expert in all things hot rodding.

the Salem Speedshop has one,
the Bean bandits have one in their bellytanker ,
 Phil Sylva's hot rod has one
the Allard J2X
and 2 original sets in Norway,

There are only 2 other original sets out there?

You can be sure the Allard, the Bean Bandits, the Salem Speed Shop, and the Sylva hot rod are all originals... the swapmeet engine, the shiny ones at El Mirage, and Mumfords might be new , one set on the 55 thousand dollar swapmeet engine stand motor
and the shiny ones I photographed at El Mirage

According to the Bangshift post, the original run was 50, the C&T company made a 2nd batch, and in the 90's another limited run was made by another company

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Elapsed Times is on the magazine racks, for about $7.50

I've always enjoyed this special edition the most from Car Craft... I just bought this issue, it was finally in the store shelves last week. I haven't had time to read it yet, but the older issues are awesome. 

Is the subscription department at Source Interlink Media in need of brains? Cause they are the most annoying people, and they're irritating me

Exhibit A: The cover of my latest Mopar Muscle magazine was inside this notice that my subscription is about at an end. Oh, and in the lower right hand cover, the big ol words, "BEST DEAL EVER" and "EXCLUSIVE OFFER!"

Off to the left: Save BIG

Exhibit B: the price of the BEST DEAL EVER and EXCLUSIVE OFFER is the card in the lower right hand side

Above, zoomed in on to make it easy to read, the BEST DEAL EVER is 12 issues at JUST $29.97

Below, is the drop out card, that falls where ever you open that magazine, and it has the same 12 issues at $26.97 * Plus $3 annual postage & handling

So the BEST DEAL EVER? the same price as the fall out card that will be thrown away by whoever cleans out the magazine racks of all of these annoying subscription post cards. EXCLUSIVE OFFER! was the part that pissed me off... this is the same price they have for new subscribers, nothing special, nothing EXCLUSIVE to the subscriber at all.

So why should I get pissed? They had me at BEST DEAL EVER, which is the same deal as before, not "EVER" but always, and then spun me up more with EXCLUSIVE to everyone , in which factually no one has an exclusive on it, unless we exclude the people that can't read English in America, because they can't get the magazine for this price shipped out of the lower 48 states.

These same morons did the 3 years or 2 years at the same price here:

Thanks to John the photos, of a real mechanic, and the SR71 Blackbird

I never noticed the wheels on the Blackbird before, 3 per side. 

Before and after of a WW2 Zundapp KS600

Thursday, January 24, 2013

things car guys never say

John emailed me his photos from the Nov 5th and 6th SCCA race at War Bonnet Raceway, Mannford Oklahoma

1967 L88

The Cheetah

Don Yenko and the DX Sponsored Corvette

 Above, Formula Ford and Shelby Mustang in the background

Porsche 904

ASR, that was SCCA class A Sports Racer... run what ya brung that is big, and doesn't belong in other classes

then and now, a petrol station in Brisbane Australia

thanks to Darryl for knowing what the upper photo was. His dad had a competing station in the neighborhood, and he spent time there. 

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Yellow has a thread going about cars found in barns, fields, garages and backyards...

A Baldwin Motion

Just a reminder that critters and snakes all love the secret hiding spots in cars, and I've seen a couple photos of mean snakes that are hanging out under the hood waiting for you to pop it open.

A variety of busses from

Sprotts Mexico Tours, back int he 40's I think, or 50's... when it was safe to go into Tijuana. When it was a day trip vacation for a lot of Southern California residents.

The background is the "central park" of San Diego, Balboa Park specifically. Site of the 1915 Panama California Exposition

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