Saturday, July 28, 2007

The Clairemont Cruisers at Woody's on each month's 4th Saturday night

Beautiful Mercury... love it

One rare 1931 Durant, one of 3 known to survive

Discount Tires helped me out Friday night, 10 minutes after closing the front door!

So while I was there getting a new tire to replace the one that picked up a piece of shrapnel, I took these so we could get a close look at race car fabrication around the windows, dash, roof panels, and aerodynamics.

Now this is a cool way to advertise a business

So cool, in fact, that it leads to more free advertising... like me posting the pics of the business advertising.

Don't forget that the movie will be filming in Ocean Beach on Aug 4, and wants you to bring a pre '70 car or motorcycle

We have a scene being shot in Ocean Beach if you live in the San Diego area and would like to be a part of that please come to 5058 Brighton, in OB, they'll need help most of the late afternoon to early evening,,+Ocean+beach+CA&sll=33.194143,-117.314198&sspn=0.01002,0.023389&ie=UTF8&z=16&iwloc=addr&om=1

This location is 3 blocks South of Voltaire, and 2 1/2 blocks West of Sunset Cliffs Blvd.

Terri with Pizza and a Movie Productions, and my phone number is 760-419-4405

For a full write up, read

Mopar club photo shoot... .is now rescheduled

Qualcomm Trolley Station will be the location...

When? Not established yet, as of July 28.

One car per membership for info call Bob @ 858 292 5344

Monday, July 23, 2007

2007 Dreamcraft 7-cylinder radial engine motorcycle

2007 Dreamcraft Gatsby 7-cylinder Motorcycle, from the incredible minds of when you look at their site you'll recognize the other amazing bikes they've made, like

The designer is Paul Yang, graduate of the Art Center of Pasadena, which I've posted about before, for the famous and amazing designers that have graduated, like Chip Foose.

Autoblog gets to the best car shows, lucky B--tards, check out these cool cars

It must have been the coolest car show, the Art Center Dream Machines

'69 Hot Wheels twin mill

'67 GTO Monkeemobile

'55 Ghia Streamline X

'54 Ferrari 375 MM PF Spyder

'39 Delahaye type 165 Figoni and Falaschi
For the full gallery hit the link

extreme lightweight, plus other cool ideas

Healey Silverstone 1949-1950
After its first mass-produced car Westland, Elliot and Sportsmobile Healey decided to set up on the same chassis an easy and perfect sports car. It became the Silverstone, which not only successfully addressed the competitions, it became very attractive to collectors. The name was received after racing in the town Silverstone.

The gearbox was pushed back by 20 cm, it was fitted with a front stabilizer for lateral stability and upgraded witha stronger spring rear suspension. Lightweight and compact inswept body was achieved by using motorcycle fenders and a shorter windscreen, more weight was saved and aerodynamics enhanced by hiding the headlights behind the grill, and using the spare wheel in a special aperture at the rear of the body, which further served as a rear bumper. As such, Silverstone weighed nearly 200 kg less than the previous model from Healey, and has been very successful racing machine. 104 cars were made in '49 and 50.

Fifth Gear clip of McLaren F1 vs Enzo

Which is a worse way to treat a Ferrari?



If you are a fan of movie and tv show cars

Runner up for stupidest thing you'll see this month

a late 70's Oldsmobile 98 convertible mocked up like a Batmobile... but George Barris liked it!

Video and picks after the link.

GM Heritage center photogallery

Cool cars and women mechanics.... "Shut up and Drive" video of Rihanna (whoever she is)

Moron flips a 740i BMW while doing a burnout


NSFW and I don't put those here often, so beware at work

The movie for muscle cars is on! Bring yours to the filming!

If you know anyone who has a STOCK pre 1970 vehicle who would like to participate you would do me a humondoid favor by forwarding them this email! Dress in your most authentic 60's attire!

We will be filming on July 28 on South Santa Fe, in Vista. Between Escondido and Vista Village Dr.

Our center of operations will be at the Pepper Tree Frosty-,-117.23073&spn=0.020038,0.046778&z=15&om=1

The scenes that need the most cars are earlier in the day- 8:00am 10:30am
But we will be filming until 7 pm and could use any lollygaggers who would care to participate. Specifically at 11:30am 2:00pm 6-7ish pm

We would like you to park in the Pepper Tree parking lot first, the second bit of parking to take is all LEGAL street parking- I stress the LEGALLY part... no red zone.

If we fill up Pepper Tree and the streets you can also go to the Geib parking lot. We need to do our best not to impede on normal business operations.

We are independent film makers who support local business and we don't want to be a nuisance to anyone. Also! We have a scene being shot in Ocean Beach if you live in the San Diego area and would like to be a part of that please email me back and I'll give you details.
I'm sure a bunch of you are wondering what the movie is about, Cranberry Sauce is a period piece taking place in 1960's, which was a very confusing and difficult time for all who went through it.

Cranberry Sauce introduces us to Bobby Basic, and his friends in July of 1970- the year the Beatles broke up. Bobby has an irrational dislike of the pilgrims that gets laid out for us to pick up through out his day of interactions.

The point of Cranberry Sauce is to make us laugh and even learn as the more you watch it the more you'll pick up little nuances and subplots.

The man who wrote, produced, and is directing this film is Glen Quaranta. He owns an independent pizza shop in Oceanside, off the College exit on 78 in the Home Depot parking lot called Gianni's.

Glen and I will be there everyday this week before 4pm if you would like to stop by and see the shop, show off your car, or just ask us a question in person, or even order a pizza.

I am planning a wrap party there where pizza will fall from the skies and the beer will flow from the taps, so I'll keep you all updated on that.

If you have any questions for me my name is Terri with Pizza and a Movie Productions, and my phone number is 760-419-4405. Thank you very much and I hope to see you all again on July 28!

Thief with persistance, steals a 911 2wice

Gets the Porsche dealership to hand him the keys, and blasts out through the plate glass window.

But the dealership only puts in enough gas to go 2km, the cops found it in 30 minutes. They gas it up and impound it, but the thief kept the keys and stole it from the impound lot too!

In Malaysia.

Speeding tickets just pegged the WTF meter, and broke the needle

35 in a 25.

First came the $100 fine. Then came the 3-month license suspension.
Then came mandatory attendance in the State Courts Against Road Rage WTF? program, as well as a driver attitude retraining course -- both of which her mother had to drive her to because Jackie's license was suspended.

Then came the $500 fee to have her license reinstated. But she won't actually get her license back until she retakes both the written and the driving tests again... and pays the fees for those as well.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Very good coverage of LA car shows, the high dollar kind, on video... and so much more

even has DivX high def videos of supercar sunday Lot's of Lambos, new and old Ferraris', Hayabusas cruise through, Porsches, Vipers, Aston Martins, and stuff I don't recognize that looks like an Indy racer.

1941 Indy 500 footage in color, on google video

About 29 minutes of color, home video. 2 minutes of black and white news footage.

Back in '41 the 1st place purse was $30 thou.

Would you like a car collection of several thousand cars?

Without a doubt the most eccentric and wealthy of coachbuilding's patrons is the Sultan of Brunei,

His Majesty's majesty is a collection comprised of several thousand cars.

In the '90s the royal family accounted for nearly 50-percent of all Rolls-Royces sold, but that's just the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

The Sultan owns the racecars driven by each F1 world champion since the 1980 season and a stable full of the most exotic supercars. But the crown jewels, so to speak, in the Sultan's collection are several unique custom-built automobiles, including fully roadgoing examples of several concept cars – such as the Bentley Java and the Pininfarina Ferrari Mythos – and a fleet of sedans and wagons based on the Ferrari 456 GT.

Topping off the list is the Ferrari FX, a specially-commissioned supercar based on the F512M.


Have dream will travel

A pair of adventurers (electrician and his secretary, friends since childhood) drove their 1928 Graham Paige from Argentina to Alaska... at the top speed of 35 mph. It took 3 years, and was about 41,500 miles (reports vary).

Their route was up South America, across Central America and into North America, past New York to Nova Scotia and Quebec, then across the continent to California, most of it traveled on back roads.

The G-Paige gets about 12 mpg.

John Deere snowmobile, 1980-1982

Lawyer Challenges Denver Motorcycle Noise Law

The law that went in effect this month in Denver is being challenged. He has stated that the Police motorcycles generate more noise than what the new law allows for.

for a far more eloquent article go to:

However really nails it in a journalistic way

Cool Bikers blog

I believe it's Romanian, however it's 80% written in perfect English

Turns out it's a copy of which is easier to read. . . or maybe I'm wrong, and the Romanian blog is the original, but I doubt it.

Interesting... it could just be an international and authorized copy... who knows.

A little John Deere info. (and the photo is of a Model D)

I ran across a tidbit that I'm looking up, of a motorbike made by John Deere, (this ain't it: repeat, not it) in the search for that I came across the history of John Deere, and found it interesting. Link to it for the full shot, but the short side is this:

Born 1804, Vermont
Became a blacksmith in 1825, was regarded highly for his quality and ingenuity.
In the mid 1830-s business hit a depression.
In 1836 he learned about the pioneers sucesses, moved west to Illinios. Set up a forge.
Soon learned of the difficult soil conditions that East coast plows didn't work well in, designed a better plow.
Realized that demand would be greater than he could supply, so innovated the production before demand. No kidding, until this time it was only made when ordered, no on the shelf stock.
Went to his customers with his perfect plows, sold like nothing anyone had seen.
1843 imported steel from England
1848 founded his company with the highest standard ""I will never put my name on a plough that does not have in it the best that is in me."
1868 incorporated his business
1867 His son takes over running the business with the standard "if he did not improve and refine products, somebody else would."
1918 Its role as a significant force in the tractor industry began when it purchased the Waterloo Gasoline Engine Company.
1924 John Deere inc. produced its Model D.