Saturday, October 16, 2021

best wishes to you and yours this autumn



I don't think there is anything they can do to make a new Bronco look as cool as the originals

I am fed up with digital renderings that are photo realistic, as they get my hopes up, that such vehicles are real

drag racing in Mexico, just skip the first 4 minutes and 20 seconds, no one know how to effing edit a video. Or skip to the 9 minute mark for the wheelie race

when the red car crashed back to earth, he smashed the passenger side front suspension, and that caused it to veer left

1970s VW portable fire pump

Top Gear in Lego



AMC Matador coupe NASCAR Barcelona II and the 1975 AMC Matador “X”

In racing conditions, these open Opera windows significantly improved airflow, giving the vehicle's aerodynamics better lift in the race.

Reynolds Buick-GMC of West Covina, next to Pomona, was into drag racing


Starting with a virtually stock bright red 1959 Invicta, known in lore as the "winningest Buick of all time", the Reynolds-Kenne-Bell association was instrumental in establishing the reputation of the Buick nailhead engine as a performance powerplant and were so influential that Buick Headquarters not only touted their successes, they supplied prototype parts to Reynolds for evaluation. This partnership fielded several cars- the 1959 Invicta, a nearly identical 1961 Invicta, a very early 1965 Gran Sport (which was rolled and replaced with second '65), 1967 and 1968 GS 400 coupes, and the most famous Reynolds Buick racer of all, a white 1970 Gran Sport 455 Stage 2 which ran 10.89 at 126.85

ha! I haven't seen this before

it's either analog, or mechanical.... I'm not sure. It's certainly simple and always correct

a full size Dodge on the ring is probably not a common sight, and it sounds terrific


nice brakes!

educational cutaways  

when the tire parts ways with the bead on the rim... leathers, helmets, and gloves are about to get tested, and things are about to get ugly

it fits!

young and free, enjoying the ride, not stressed out about time and destination

an interesting design, that to me, seems to favor the late 60s / early 70s, when sissy bars, beer keg fuel tanks, and ape hangers were the style

I think this would get the job done, and look good at the same time


back when life was photographed with black and white film. Was it simpler? More elegant? Or just less constrained by lawyers and lawsuits?

a nice little collection

Friday, October 15, 2021

this was probably the inspiration for the Road Runner cartoon fake tunnels

in 1956, Motor Generator Corporation of Ohio, an affiliate of Hobart, built aircraft tugs with Chrysler Industrial 331 and 354 Hemis

thanks Billy O!

a decrepit piece of cardboard, or the last NOS part needed for a restoration to win points at some car show?


concours correct for a 1965 Mustang or Shelby GT350

64 year old in Glasgow pulls off the road to help a stranger fix his bicycle steering, then realizes, the bike was stolen from him!

Mr Devlin was heading home after nightshift, and was able to identify the bike as his own mid-repair due to distinctive stickers and helmet attached to it.

He then remarked: "That's mine" before chasing the thief down the street.

Hartey pled guilty, and will serve 15 months in jail

From 1994 to 2015, the Minnesota Vikings mascot was Ragnar (played by Joseph Juranitch) and he drove onto the field at the beginning of a game dressed in Viking garb, on a motorcycle..... thank you Marc B!

the NFC Divisional Playoff against the Dallas Cowboys at the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome in Minneapolis on January 17, 2010

For these services, Ragnar reportedly made $1,500 a game. But when you've got a family of Vikings to feed, $1,500 only goes so far. 

So Ragnar did what any self-respecting employee who has provided a company 21 years of service would do. He demanded a raise, to $20,000 a game for the next ten years. That would be a raise of 1,333%, a grand total of $1.6 million over ten years. 

The Vikings said no.

Before he became Ragnar, he broke his father John’s Guinness World Record by shaving his face with an axe in 8 minutes, 43 seconds. This toe-curling stunt illustrated in no uncertain terms that the company is literally about the cutting edge. The firm manufactures sharpening tools, primarily for the meatpacking industry but also for the general consumer, including chefs and sportsmen.

Thursday, October 14, 2021

3 stages of road, paved, not paved, 2 rut

Marc still has high high school Bug, and over the course of the past 27 years, has made it not just incredible, but twin turbo


interesting, but other than go to car and truck shows, can you do anything with it?

Thanks Steve! 

this is a real car crash, even though it looks like a movie scene. It was captioned that the driver lived

a memorandum from the D&H Railroad used as a bookmarker, that someone used to copy a fudge recipe

Hat tip to Harbor Freight, teachers, and students who are all focused on setting a path for success for the next generation of construction workers and mechanics