Sunday, December 02, 2018

It's up to you to have the patience and teach the kids, well, those kids that want to learn everything that you can teach them about motorcycles


  1. Not enough Grandpas know how to fix anything. ;o)

  2. my son is 20,
    I taught him everything I know about fixing and building things.
    our water heater needed replacing when he was 13 , I told him to look at it, and make a list of everything we would need to replace it,
    then we went to a plumbing supply house and bought everything on his list,
    and aside from helping him muscle it out the back door after he drained it I sat in a chair and watched.

    did the same thing when the brakes needed replacing on the car, told him I was going to do one side, and he should take pictures and notes, cause he was doing the other side by himself

    when he was 15 and wanted a car, we made him learn a foreign language in exchange for $4500 to buy a car. yes we paid out kid to learn another language....

    he bought a 76 Chevy and has since swapped in a fuel injected engine and 5 speed transmission along with AC and some other cool stuff.

    he got a sports scholarship to a snooty private college in New England
    but didnt like college or snooty yankees.

    he got his certs to do HVAC repair, did that for a while , and then went to welding school and is a certified welder, and went to truck driving school and is now in paid training with a trucking company that does heavy haul oversize loads,
    last weeks cargo was moving something 17 feet wide and worth $72 million, 2000 miles.
    this weeks cargo is only worth $13 million, but weighs 140,000 lbs
    sadly, most 20 yr olds cant even change a tire.

    1. well done! What language did he chose? and Why did he pass on welding and go to driving? I totally understand why he passed on HVAC, it sucks. My compliments on your effective and no doubt pleasurable rearing of your son. Excpet for the first year, I think I'd love to do that, and stuff that little brain full of incredible wonders of the world and education in so many incredible things. I dare to say I'd get the little munchkin far more prepared to succeed in this challenging world than I ever was. I'd certainly tell him to not waste time blogging.

    2. did he ever take up any drums, guitar, or something?