Saturday, January 16, 2010

Where there's smoke, there's fire

Batgirls motorcycle... not what she'd get in the new batman movies... frills? Really? Yikes

Race face on

Giuliano Maoggi - Winner of the '56 Motogiro of Italy - Ducati 125 Gran Sport
I posted this image before, it's in the front window of a San Diego cycle shop:

The twin mill, damn... wish I'd taken this photo

Take a 52 Buick, and a lot of effort, make a dream come true, then go to Bonneville!

from mild to wild... wow

go right to the gallery of 14 photos for the transformation:

The coverage of the Buick on the salt starts on the 3rd minute of the video

I photographed it in Nov 2013 and the gallery is

They passed the hat for Burt... just like the movie had in the script... reminds me to tell you, pay it forward

Burt, 1962, Bonneville for the first time

very cool banner photo

It's clipped and the rest of the streamliner is on their banner, it's a cool photo

If you want to see a couple more photos of the streamliner: and

Friday, January 15, 2010

Burt Munro, AMA hall of famer, on the salt from 1962-1967

Watch the movie, it's a good one, and Anthiny Hopkins is a great actor.

Roth's 1968 Choppers magazine Feb 1968, a link to a gallery of Roth's pamphlets, and more

For the 10 pages in a gallery:
For 4 color photos of the bike hauler I've read was called Mega Cycle:

1972 Plymouth Chrysler dealership

Image via:


above photo via

Von Dutch's 1956 Grundig Majestic hifi

Images via: where they have it for sale. I say buy one for a couple hundred, recreate the paintings, and save 49 thousand dollars

The Snake and Mongoose match racers

Ed Roth's Honda N600 rolling advertising of sign painting and pinstriping

Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Brucker collection (Von Dutch's coolest stuff) the Beepelfleetzer, Luft system #2, Toad, Dipstick Eater and Krankenstein

Above is the tailgate from his Kenford truck, it sold for $149,000

By the way, someone set up a facebook page for Von Dutch!/pages/the-REAL-Von-Dutch/54731416170?v=wall

Created expressly for Von Dutch in appreciation of his lifetime dedicated to pin striping achievement and his effect on creating and popularizing an industry thereby creating a demand he alone could not fulfill, allowing others to create their own pinstriping jobs.
Awarded to Dutch at a Rat Fink Reunion, the plaque features an engine turned metal plate which has been striped and signed by the greatest artisans of the day including Ed Big Daddy Roth, Jimmy C, Franco Van Grow, the Butcher and many others to thank him for starting the movement of pinstriping art that keeps them independantly employed and not working a square job punching a damn time clock for a paycheck.
Has anyone ever had a more appropriate tribute made for them by thier peers? I doubt it

Von Dutch's hats and scrapbook... man, I'd love to see what is in that scrapbook

This is "The Dipstick Eater" half truck and half tractor was a Multi-Purpose Vehicles long before the latest were conceived by today’s auto manufacturers.

Astericx helped us out, and told me this was a BMW 600, that was enough to look around on the web and find out this was named "The Toad" and was a 1970. It sold for $90,000.
Von Dutch's "The Square Rainbow"
Conceptually genius.
Notice the round object suggests Von Dutch's signature eyeball, the dollar sign - his disgust of money.
Sold at a price of $34,500 at auction May 2006 by RM.
24 x 30" From the plaid emerges a ghosted image of an eyeball along with a small conical shape, which occupies the lower left hand corner of the painting. Painted in the left side of the eye is a dollar sign, best described by Dutch himself in a conversation with Temma Kramer, the painting meant, “Money is a square person’s idea of what is at the end of the rainbow.”
It is widely thought that Von Dutch placed a piece of cardboard or wood on the wall and whenever he was using the last of the paint in his spray gun he would “tape off” parts of the painting and spray the piece with another color. is where I went into detail, and will explain what it is, but get this... it was auctioned off for 34 thou in 2006 by RM auctions, and now that person took a loss of 6 thou becuase they got greedy and wanted it just for the profit potential, they only got $28,750 on Jan 19, 2007 Barrett Jackson auction. The irony is that Von Dutch painted this (by one account) as an example of how rich people are foolish.

Beepelfleetzer; The 110 Volt Ball Bearing Rotary Anti Clock Air Whistling and Fingernipping Machine, originally used as part of the FunTube at MovieWorld where it set off noises as one traveled through the giant slide.
In the lower corner it has: Design Consultants .. Patrick Pending, Reginald Design, Regis Patoffski, K Wright and a host of others ( I think this is his humorous way of poking fun at all the stuff Pat Pend, Original design, Registry Office)
In the far right corner is: Built in the Laboritory of Count Brucker's castle by the last mad scientist Von Dutch

His pinstriping kit sold for $310,000

Luft System #2

Oh, I love this, the Krankenstein

These two signs were painted by Roth, not Von Dutch

All of these images are copywrite Dave Lindsey, view the full gallery at:
For an incredibly good bio, auction coverage, and commentary about the art Kulture of Von Dutch and Roth read Sherry Washingtons PDF:
For a complete itemized list of the tools, paintings, gizmos and gadgets: