Saturday, June 11, 2016

Fred Philips, a car collector you might not have heard of, but you'll recognize some of the vehicles as unique and well known, with 4 warehouses full... it's Aladdin's Cave of car treasures

with a Lola, a GT 40, the James Garner 4x4 Baja Sc/Rambler, Peter Revson's Trans Am Javelin, a Hurst SS AMX, the ramble seat prototype AMX, and the Don Lee Special, and about 70 others

In the late 1980’s, Phillips opened his current endeavor, Focus Auto Design, which specializes in molding and forming custom auto parts for restorations and general fixes. Because of the high demand for his services, Phillips quickly earned the money he needed to get back into collecting cars.

Unlike almost every other collection of this nature, these nested boxes of wonder aren’t secreted away from the public and covered up. Instead, every so often Fred throws open his doors and gives a guided tour of his collection. If you happen to be in Calgary at the time, do everything in your power to attend.

You won’t just be getting access to one of the most fantastically varied car collections in the country. You’ll also be getting access to Fred Phillips. Trust me, this is well worth the price of admission – a donation to AARC, the Alberta Adolescent Recovery Centre.

Thanks Greg, for getting it. Look around at the content, the stories, the photos, the heros and icons. If bashing on the grammar and spelling mistakes is all the satisfaction you can get, you're blind to the elephant in the room... and need a lot more maturing than you'll ever achieve lurking on the internet while building toy cars. Go outside and see the world, step away from the computer for a change. 

the Von Pirahna AMX I posted about last March finally got a magazine article

It was popping up on the internet last spring, and I posted about it when it went to Ebay :  but finally Hot Rod Magazine did an article on it

Purchased from a high school friend in 1981, it then was driven a short while before being put into storage for 30 years

genius parking technique invented in Russia, use a small trailer to take your parking spot until you get home at night, never search for parking again

when parking gets hard to find, and old used trailers are cheap and legal.. this was the inevitable conclusion

if you can put up with all the ridiculous text over the video, here are angry truckers not putting up with stupid drivers

Friday, June 10, 2016

filming of Transformers 5 closes the Loop 303 in Arizona until June 15th,

A spokesperson for the Arizona Department of Transportation has confirmed that a planned closure of the Loop 303 this weekend is to make way for Paramount Pictures to film part of the new Transformers movie.

De Dion Bouton steam tractor and luxury coach variety, mostly due to Steve's research

Steve found the middle picture in the 1902 book "Motor Cars and the Application of Mechanical Power to Road Vehicles" by Rhys Jenkins and copied the bottom picture from the September 26, 1896 issue of "Scientific American Supplement"

but getting the images is only a sliver of the interesting stuff, read the post Steve did about these unusual vehicles

graffiti humor

100% drone footage of the 2015 'King of the Streets' Low Rider Show in San Francisco. (up to 4k hi def) To get smooth clean hi def footage any other way would take zip lines and camera crew cranes.

just how big was the Spruce Goose? Enormous. Here is it being delivered to Long Beach/San Pedro in 1946

June 11, 1946, Wings of the Hughes H-4 Hercules, now known as the Spruce Goose, are moved from Hughes' Culver City plant to Long Beach to make what would turn out to be her only actual flight. Here she is making a stately two miles per hour.

Tin Tin and Snowy's guide to WW2 aircraft, 17 selected pieces from a gallery of 5 dozen

A series of drawings of planes during the Second World War, made in the 50s by the artist Hergé (real name - Georges Prosper Remi, known as the author of the comic book "The Adventures of Tintin")

if you want to know what plane it is, and few are not well known, go to the link at the bottom of this gallery, each plane is labeled there. I figure most of you already know them all, I've posted so many WW2 planes in the last 2 years.

For the full gallery

24000 posts. Not bad for a hobby

the Scamell Pioneer, with a center pivot front axle steering

the Tracklayer, WW1, Holt 75 model 1909 tractor with a armor shield (thanks Phil!)

San Jose Fire Dept historical photos thanks to Phil!

How did these dummys not get their bus stuck?

and do they have any idea how fast their bus is going to corrode now that it's been washed in salt water?

The stunt, which involved members of the High on Life SundayFundayz group wakeboarding behind a six-wheeled RV on the flooded salt flats, took place in March, according to time stamps on photos uploaded to the group’s Facebook page.