Monday, November 27, 2023

Chevrolet's 2023 Christmas ad

there's always something new to deal with... so, now you know, don't put your car keys be the front of the house

I just learned there is a charity for "veteran recovery through motorsport" (I thought I had to fund my own blog, life, and problems, who knew there was a charity for it?)

 it seems they sell things to raise money,

well, of course, you can simply donate too...   Offering Motorsports Recovery Opportunities to Medically Retiring Service Members

"To engage, through Motorsport opportunities, medically retiring or retired service members affected by military service, aiding in their recovery."

Oh... it's for medically separating vets or those who could use some very fun recovery therapy via racing. Well, shit. It does remind me that I'm fortunate not to be medically discharged, but also reminds me that unless you retire from the military, no one has you in mind for anything at all for just doing one, or a couple enlistments. 

2023 SEMA product of the year, Cyclerama Pistons

  The dimples spread out the flame front by creating more surface area for a more controlled flame front as it travels across the piston. More complete burn equates to less carbon and more efficiency of the combustion process. 

Gabriel Iglesias waited 29 years to own the SVT Cobra of his dreams, 1994 Mustang SVT (Special Vehicle Team) Indianapolis 500 pace cars replica, and he found one with only 12 miles since made

Lithium batteries used in some e-bikes, scooters and mopeds are to blame for 243 fires this year that killed 17 people in New York, NYC tenants wondering what to do with their electric vehicles.

time attack racing a 800 hp Honda engine powered '81 Ferrari (the Ferrari engine weighs 2x and has 1/2 the power) that has been an ongoing project in development by StanceWorks since Dec 2020

they are still out there waiting for millionaires to track down the ancient folklore and treasure maps of pirates to find them, 71 Hemi Road Runner, 4 spd, 4.10s,11k miles, original owners son owns it

a Hanomag 2/10 PS (two taxable / ten brake horsepower), 1924-28

With 59 mpg it was the world's most fuel efficient mass-production car between the two World Wars due to the low-friction one-cylinder engine and its very light weight

But everything can be improved for racing, so someone made a wicker body 

Chrysler didn't sell many Mod Tops, and had so much material they'd bought, that they dyed the remaining Mod Top vinyl burgandy, and put it on the Imperial LeBarons. Within months the dye faded exposing the mod top design and was embrrassingly recalled

Sunday, November 26, 2023

an A-26, B-24, and B-17 flying in 1971 flying over Ft Worth "Greater Southwest" International Airport

point point

it's been 14 years since he first started the Hullabaloo project, but James has finally delivered the first episode, The Great Race, funded by a crowdfund campaign on Indiegogo. Marvelous steampunk animation!

there isn't much else online about this at this time, but for the backgrounds, see

I learned of this, and have been frustratedly waiting for this since 2013, I kid you not

first really good recycle idea I've seen old used tires... and every country has far too many useless tires they can do nothing with

Andrew P sent me a link to a Vancouver RCMP vs big John Deere 6R or 7R on the highway! They flipped it!

Saturday, November 25, 2023

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the CD and Superbee model are appreciated! Thanks Keith!

compliment of the day!

Hey Jesse!

You continue to amaze me everyday with a continuous stream of great content… you never slow down.


one of the most rewarding aspects of my favorite hobby (this one, what are you even asking for?) is learning interesting stuff all the time, everywhere, like this special color scheme for only the Alberta truck

not enough Oldsmobiles

oddly, there were 2 different replicas of the Fast and Furious Supra at SEMA, about a 100 ft apart

notice the above is on red carpet, the below, on gray carpet. 

the Button Foust Pikes Peak racer

If it ever gets off road, and has plenty of fuel, I bet it would be a bunch of fun

interesting 66 Stang


eye catching simple graphic made this truck stand out at SEMA


nice Riviera


nice use of the Flying Tiger motif


every Friday night the dailytimewaster.blogspot posts photos of country roads, here a few beauties from tonight