Friday, March 22, 2019

1928 Buick, and as odd as it is, I don't think this is photoshopped

60s cars just had more differences in design, maybe because the car makers had guys designing everything new every year or so

now a days the cars keep using the same parts year after year, etc. Some cars go 8 to 10 years without a substantial overhaul. The 2018 Veloster looked the same as the 2011 Veloster for exmple

and the switches, etc etc haven't changed much in decades

All vehicle breakdowns ought to qualify as requiring an emotional support cat be sent post haste

todays banners

in the category of what if

a Photoshop image by an artist named James Laga, and it is sometimes called "Thunderstang".

Sort of has that backsloping look of the 67 Impala;id=238628

It's spring time in Texas, and snakes seem to be more numerous than usual, so, please be safe out there.

the whole car gets set on fire. No questions asked

2019 Mint 400 had one impressive highlight... the rest of this video is crap

loaded for a road trip... which causes me to wonder, when did they invent regular cargo trailers for cars? To carry all this luggage that is stuffed on the rumble seat and running boards

interesting that this is one of the few photos I've come across with a roadster that has the sidecurtains up

ok... this is weird... what were they thinking?

Wife said she don't care what I buy long as I got four tires

Put a form fitting bumper board on it, and use it for pushing dead cars around too!

I think I posted this before, but, better to be sure to point out just exactly what will get your punk ass beat up after the race

when you're rich, but don't have sensible taste in car appearance

however, your placement of decals to use brake lights for eyes is impeccable.

110 miles-per-hour out of Kalamazoo

#265 in the “Advance of Civilization” series compiled by Mr Hart from 1862-69, Boca Crossing Of Little Truckee.

The image above is from Stanford University’s online catalog of the documentary work of photographer Alfred A. Hart (1816-1908) on the original route of the Central Pacific Railroad, at the time of the railroad’s construction in the 1860s.

Hart’s photos are amazing images considering the drawbacks of the bulky photographic equipment in the era, such as a box camera with tripod with enough weighty 8’ x 10″ glass plates to take as many photos as he wanted.

the original roadbed of the Central Pacific

good morning

Thursday, March 21, 2019

the RTS cars are heading to auction in May, get a good look at them in the galleries at this link, before they get stuffed away in some investors warehouse

the auction is in 2 months

Notice that 3 of the 4 have slotted mags... those had a place in the 60's and 70's, but no one puts them on new cars... did they only look good with 60's cars?

complete galleries at

for anyone that digs a good story, a battle story, a bit of sci fi, but mostly an aircraft combat mission story... go to Netflix and watch Love, Death, and Robots episode 13... Lucky 13. Cool 20 minute photorealistic cgi

There are a lot of hyper-realistic shorts in the animated anthology Love, Death and Robots, however, only “Lucky 13” embraces and elevates this particular style while telling an emotionally satisfying story in some futuristic space-faring Marine Corps who gets assigned to fly a dropship with the ominous name Lucky 13, and the equally dubious serial number 13-02313, which not only "started and ended in 13, but adds up to 13,"

As the story is quick to point out, Lucky 13 has managed to return to base after losing two crews. It’s basically a cursed spaceship/fighter plane.

 But that’s not the relationship Colby has the ship. Between shots from inside Lucky 13’s green camera and seeing these missions from Colby’s perspective, the short slowly blossoms into a story of unlikely respect between a ship AI and its pilot. Anyone who’s ever felt borderline reverence for their favorite inanimate object will understand the deep love at the center of this sci-fi shooter.

The kinship between the pilot and an old ship that's developed a reputation for being unlucky is the story, and because of combat missions 13 becomes one of the most trusted members of the fleet, on a fateful day going above and beyond to protect its passengers.

Pinned down by an oppressive wave of opposing forces, Colby is forced to activate 13's self-destruct mechanism to protect her and the other soldiers. 13 goes one step further, though, waiting beyond the countdown so the advancing threat is right on top of it to explode, thus maximizing damage and ensuring Colby and the rest definitely make it out alive. Sometimes all an Artificial Intelligence needs is the right person behind the wheel.

it sounds like a non-sequitor, but Samuel Jackson in a Checker car... is a scene from Unbreakable, a movie I haven't seen since it came out, 19 years ago

More humor from Brad Paisley

Well, he traded in his dumb old Ford
For a new smart car with an extension cord
Now hes saving gas and got a cheaper note
But hes got no way to haul his boat

Its the little things we take for granted
When we sacrifice to save the planet
Darndest thing Ive ever seen
That old redneck has done gone green

Down the road, old man McGower
You know he runs his house on the solar power
Now his lights are bright and the music plays
Sorta dark and quiet on the cloudy days

The life we knew is coming to a halt
Its sad but true and its our own fault
We put our own crimson necks right in the noose
When we got strung out on that black dinosaur juice

Well not long ago someone told me
To quit using paper, stop killing trees
She said soon there wont be no more books
I swear to God on a stack of Nooks

Its the little things we take for granted
When we sacrifice to save the planet
Darndest thing Ive ever seen
My redneck world has done gone green
The whole dang place has done gone green

this and another favorite of mine, "Ticks" are on the same album... I really ought to listen to the other songs on that and see what else there is, there might be another funny one

it started a long time ago, in LA... artist Ron Cobb was an artist doing in-betweener and break down work at Disney, on Sleeping Beauty! in 1956, right out of high school. unfreaking-believable!

So a couple days ago I posted some album cover art, and the above stood out, to me, as it's not a photo of the musicians and a car... it's real - cool- art. Inventive, and fun. So, I knew there was something to this artist, that whoever it was, was talented, and had a lot more to enjoy.

How talented? Well, he got started at Disney

Then branched out as an editorial cartoonist, and getting published in syndication in around 80 newspapers in the 1960s... was a pretty damn cool start, but it didn't pay much at all

Then was working with GIGER! Holy moly, on Jodorowsky's attempt on a motion picture of Frank Herbert's "Dune".

yeah... well, that didn't work out, but...

How's that for a effing amazing resume credit?!!! Oh, not good enough? Really? Fine. Then take THIS:

Still just some concept art? Damn, you're tough to impress after all these years of cool stuff. Fine. BOOM!

Gotcha!! from Sleeping Beauty, to Raiders of the Lost Arc... man, that's incredible!

What about after that? Oh, just a little time machine, for Spielberg, maybe you've heard of it?

or maybe you're not a movie fan, but like music videos instead? He was the art director of the MTV Music Video Award's, best art direction award winner, ZZ Top, Rough Boy!


from way back when the videos were cooler than the music, and that Eliminator went all space ship - and was cooler than just driving up to dusty tumble weed gas stations... it went galactic, and stopped by a car wash along the way

anyone that's been reading along for a couple years (holy shit, really? For YEARS? You're either a bit of a car nut, or waiting to see just WHAT the hell I find next, to possibly fulfill your life's need for cool stuff (don't laugh, it happened yesterday,  I shit you not! )  you'll recall I've already posted some related ZZ Top, Afterburner cover art, video, etc
never realizing that for other reasons, I'd also post about the award winning music video art director!

and then went onto some designs for a couple movies you might know, District 9, Cats and Dogs, The Rocketeer, and John Carter on Mars.