Saturday, May 01, 2021

The Zoot Suiters

 Here I am just finishing watching the show Band of Brothers, and looking for stuff to post and find this, so of course I'm posting it. 

What a great bunch of guys

How about this... acid transportation

obsolete for some reason, but interesting to look at

compliments to Stephan Gardner on his watercolors of Ford tractors

You can see more of his work at 

I just posted about this train car diner recently

I've never heard of a Lincoln garden tractor, until now. This guy found one to fix up. They were for "Serious gardeners and after supper farmers"

Made made by National Steel & Shipbuilding Corp., San Diego, Ca. (known locally as NASSCO) after WW2 when there were no more shipbuilding contracts, so to shift to an in demand field of industry for the booming civilian post war life, they made these tractors. 

At the same time, a lot of So Cal was shifting to lawnmowers, trailers, campers, and kids bikes

This Lincoln tractor is powered by a 6 1/2 horsepower Wisconsin Model "AEH" engine and has three forward and one reverse speed Crosley transmission

from google books 
Western Metalworking, Volumes 6-7,  page 22, 23, May 1949

In that article, it mentioned that NASSCO owned 3 tuna boats (San Diego was the home of 80% of the west coast Tuna industry, and Chicken of the Sea is still headquartered here I heard) and 4 of the Bakersfield oil wells

By the way, a great website for finding fun old tractors is

good morning, and welcome to the weekend! I hope yours is great!

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Friday, April 30, 2021

certainly a cool thing, with a wheel

this trucker was more patient than I would have been, and held out longer until enough bullshit was too much to endure any more. That's when the jackass was dealt with simply, and no one else on the road was troubled by the jackass any longer


won the car, drove the car, wrecked the car

A couple of days ago, Dream Car Giveaways gave away a red Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX FQ-320 model with 70,000 miles on the odometer, a full service history, just "a few mild mods," a recent repaint, and the equivalent of around $1,400 on the hood for running costs.

Legendary all-wheel drive, just two liters under the hood, the next couple of oil changes paid for. What could go wrong, right?

90 miles later, the 27 year old lead foot who won the Evo lost control smashing the hell out of both the front and rear  ends at 140 mph

4 wheel Kohut released a new video! Thanks Hozoy!

April's banners

I made another 30 that I didn't post in April, and might use them next month.