Saturday, August 06, 2022

interesting grill thing, derivative of the BMW grill thing

I'm starting to see Rivians around town

I've seen two this week

interesting and nice innovative way to put a flag on a truck

a decade ago, a tv show starring Michael Clarke Duncan was on for only one season, and I've wanted to see it for years, but until now, it wasn't even on NTSC dvd or Blu Ray - but finally, Disney + is streaming it, and it has some cool vehicles!

a 71 Barracuda!?! That is freaking unusual to find on tv. Nash Bridges used one though

Oh, and it's called The Finder, and MCD plays a character that is a serious lawyer, helping a odd character that sort of is a detective/PI, because he can find anything. It was a show made by the same people that made the show Bones. 

the mall parking lot is a good place to look for vanity plates


found at the grocery store

If I hadn't researched and posted in 2020 of the Hammersmith Bridge, I wouldn't have recognized it while watching The Sandman, episode 6

do you want the final racing car built by Frank Kurtis? It's got a 327, Halibrands, and Airheart Disc Brakes

When Frank Kurtis was ready to retire in 1962, he and his renowned staff designed and built a small batch of beautifully styled two-seater sports racing cars, and this car in particular, chassis 62-S1, took the concept one step further. 

It was commissioned by a Houston auto parts distributor and motorcycle racer turned race car driver. He thought an Indy-type car would be an excellent basis for SCCA competition, and Frank Kurtis suggested that one could be built for both open-wheel Formula 366 and sports car races by designing a car with quickly removable fenders via Dzus fasteners. 

It is the only Kurtis-Kraft racing car built with a dual-purpose body.

GM shipped this Corvair to Pinin Farina requesting a design proposal, and the result is this sleek coupe displayed at the Paris and Torino Motor Shows

it even made the March 1961 cover of Road & Track with the simple caption, “Corvair Special by Pininfarina.”

twenty three hundred 2002s were converted by coachbuilder Karosserie Baur, to feature a removable roof section that can be stored in the trunk.

Meanwhile, the rear window section is soft cloth that folds down for an almost totally open-air experience. The rear deck of a regular 2002 is already long, but with the top down this one almost looks like a pickup truck in profile. 

follow up on the fiery crash of the 100 mph Mercedes in Los Angeles, the driver lived, and is a 37 yr old RN - now charged with murder and gross vehicular manslaughter

Nicole Linton, 37,  currently in the hospital, was driving the speeding Mercedes-Benz that smashed through traffic at the intersection of La Brea and Slauson avenues.

road trip!


 Lost Ollie is a story of how two friends reunite in the face of all odds that life can offer, when Ollie, a stuffed toy, awakens to discover himself in an unfamiliar place, lost in the countryside, he braves the many dangers of childhood as he embarks on an epic journey to get back to his home and his find his best friend Billy, the boy who lost more than a best friend. It’s a heartwarming tale for the child in us all, remembering those special souls that we’ve lost but who forever changed our lives.

Created, written, and executive produced by Kubo and the Two Strings creator Shannon Tindle and directed by Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse’s Peter Ramsey

The animated series is being adapted from Oscar-winning duo William Joyce and Brandon Oldenburg’s novel Ollie’s Odyssey. 

Lost Ollie is not the only cinematic adaptation of Joyce’s work. In 2012, his book The Guardians Of Childhood was made into the popular animated feature film Rise Of The Guardians. 

heatwave side effect, delivery drivers for the post office (USPS) and UPS are roasting, and posting photos of the 120+ degrees in their vans during their work day... because neither delivery company installs air conditioning for their drivers

UPS delivery drivers are sharing photos of the thermometer readings inside their trucks, showing that the temperature can reach up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit as part of a campaign to highlight unsafe working conditions.

Thermometer readings were posted by the Teamsters Union this past Monday. One shows a driver’s hand holding a temperature thermometer and pointing it into the back of their truck, filled with boxes on shelves. The thermometer reads 121.4 degrees.

On June 25, a 24-year-old California driver named Esteban Chavez died after he fell unconscious in his truck due to the heat, the family believes the cause of death was heatstroke, according to The Guardian.

At the time, UPS said it would be “ineffective” to put air conditioners in the trucks due to making frequent stops. The union replied that federal guidelines “clearly recommend such cooling is in fact an effective means for employers to mitigate the risk of heat illness on the job”.

Later that same month, a Scottsdale, Arizona, homeowner released doorbell video footage of a UPS driver collapsing in front of his door as he delivered a package in 110F (43C) heat.

The Teamsters announced on Monday that they were kicking off their fight for a better contract with UPS, since the current contract would expire in exactly one year.

“UPS hasn’t been proactive at all on the topic of heat and that’s going to have to change. We’re demanding the company take action now to protect workers and this is going to be one of a number of key issues that we’re bringing to the bargaining table when we go into contract negotiations," said Teamsters General President Sean M. O’Brien, and with 1.2 million members, it’s one of the largest unions in the world.

"UPS is projected to pull in more than $100 billion in revenue in 2022 off the backs of Teamsters, and while management sits inside drooling over those figures, we’ve got members going to the emergency room," Perrone said. "These trucks and warehouses are infernos. UPS can afford to do the right thing and protect its workers. They need to stop making excuses and do it now."

The Teamsters represent about 350,000 UPS workers, and heat safety protections are a top issue in the union's negotiations as their contract is set to expire next year.

I haven't come across reports on Fed Ex or Amazon or DHS

not only does this prove OSHA is not proactive, but it proves OSHA ignored the death of USPS delivery driver Peggy Frank in 2018, that I'm proud to point out I covered in news in 2018 and followed up on in 2019

follow up on the Batmobile builder raid news: The San Mateo County District Attorney has called off the arraignment for the Batmobile builder from Indiana

Friday, August 05, 2022

WW2 in color

The Arizona Concours d’Elegance is seeking spectacular automobiles for the January 22, 2023 event

The theme of the 2023 Concours is The Art of Aerodynamics, including cars from the beginnings of streamlined vehicles, featuring early race cars, up to and including today’s most-advanced supercars. About 50 professional concours judges from around the country will determine the winners in a number of classes, as well as choosing the coveted Best of Show.

Hubcap trivia, it's time to look at the Challenger, as I already posted about the Camaro. W11 option for 1970 Challenger Deputy


if you're wondering "what the hell is a Challenger Deputy?" then you ought to spend more time looking at my archives, or the "trivia" tag. 

Tom Hardy is set to lead the movie adaptation of The Bikeriders

a fictional story inspired by the photography of Danny Lyon and his 1967 book The Bikeriders.

The film is an original story set in the 1960s following the rise of a fictional Midwestern motorcycle club. Seen through the lives of its members, the club evolves over the course of a decade from a gathering place for local outsiders into a more sinister gang, threatening the original group’s unique way of life.

Danny Lyon: A self-taught photographer, he traveled with the Chicago Outlaws motorcycle club in 1965-1966 and published his pictures of the club members as The Bikeriders (1968). 

Since 1967 he has been an independent photographer and an associate at Magnum, and he has made films since 1969.

love for SM's art!

factory wing, no wing, or whale tail?


cool old cars at the track!

Thursday, August 04, 2022

Terry sent me some ultra rare pictures of what is likely the first ever road trip taken in an automobile (1924) from the Crowsnest Pass to Victoria, BC! And it's a Packard! Thank you Terry!

 If the arrow points up, don't drop by. If the arrow points to "CALL" the sternwheeler would come and get you!

and they bolted on train wheels!

The Lincoln Highway Packard was sponsored from the USA who had already done several journeys like it in the U.S

The Lincoln Highway Association archive was donated to the University of Michigan's Transportation Library in 1937. 

The archive, transferred to the Special Collections Research Center in 1992, consists of materials from the central office in Detroit dating from 1912 up through the late 1930s. 

There are letters, manuscript trip logs, minutes of meetings of the Board of Directors, reports, contracts, financial statements, drawings, press releases, maps, brochures and guides, including the 1928 logbook of Lincoln Highway markers made by local Boy Scouts, and photographs. 

The photographic portion of the archive consists of approximately 3,000 images, including views of construction underway, towns and cities, markers, bridges, cars, camp sites, scenic views, and snapshots of Association directors and field secretaries traveling the route.

A generous grant from the University of Michigan's Friends of the Library, in 1999, funded the first phase of a project to digitize the photographs of the Lincoln Highway Association. 

An additional monetary gift, presented in 2006 by the reconstituted Lincoln Highway Association, allowed the digitization project to be completed in 2007.

popcorn, medicine, and circus wagons