Thursday, February 28, 2019

Unloading mail from the train, to the truck to the boat, to get it out to Grand Island, 1930. Must have been some rich campers on the island


  1. In the early 1950's my grandfather occasionally substituted in delivering mail to the morning NYC train in far upstate NY. I clearly remember him pulling the truck up onto the RR platform before dawn, hanging a mail bag on the post/hook to the left, then backing down the platform to the other hook/post.

    The train would come through (from our right to our left) at full speed and BANG ... BANG. A new mail bag swinging from the post/hook on our right and our mail bag gone from the post/hook to the left! Something I have never forgotten.

  2. They don’t have to be rich, the USPS charter and policy is what ever it takes to get it where it’s addressed to. There are some islands off Alaska where they only get mail once a week but by very expensive chartered helicopter.

    1. well, take into account the location, and the time, 1930, and an island on the Michigan shore of Lake Superior when the Huron Mountain Club was created by the richest people in the USA who realized they could buy up huge amounts of lakeshore for get away hunting cabins. This was also when rich people were buying up St Lawrence River islands for their own. That means lots of money, to me, so, since I figure I know what I'm talking about... I write about it.
      I'm still waiting to see the websites of all the people who believe I'm wrong about things.