Thursday, February 28, 2019

as close as it gets without breaking either the ship, or the bridge in the collision. Drunk ships captains? Or no one paying ANY attention to the radar, or view of things in front of them they'll soon be running into?

the video below will start playing at the right moment to see the view from onboard the ship, the 2nd video shows the collision from across the bay


  1. Russian captain was drunk. He collided with a cruise ship too, about 40 minutes before. He should have sail to the opposite directon. That is not included this video, but he was trying to flee after the collision. What he was thinking? "Oh, it is just a scratch, noone will ever notice!"

  2. Russian ships departing from Baltic Sea ports sail through narrow Danish and Swedish/Danish straits all the time, with predictable results. Just last week a Russian ship ran aground, the cause being - yes - a drunk captain on the bridge....