Sunday, February 24, 2019

1921 Marion Steam Shovel found buried in a remote river bed in Canada

She had rested in the clay of that river bed 160 miles north of Ft. St. James for 50 years. It had been driven there over the course of 3 years, working along the way I expect, and delayed by making a way to get around or over obstacles, but by the time it arrived at it's intended location, the gold rush was over

Three Marions had been taken into this area in the 1930's, an incredible journey overland.

It took several trips to tear her down for the task of pulling her out

It was rescued and restored to working condition.

It was brought to the area in the mid-1930’s by Thomas Kelley. It travelled under its own steam to Fort St. James, then barged to Takla Landing for its final 19 miles to Tom Creek.

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