Wednesday, February 27, 2019

the ruins of Union Station in Gary, Indiana were sold in 2018 to an artists group for ten dollars, by the city.... why not? They're the only ones who've done anything to make it nicer, and clean it up a bit.

They just might make it into a restaurant, museum, or something

Federal transportation enhancement dollars were awarded to Gary within the last decade to shore up the structure's roof and otherwise stabilize the building, but the grant required a local match, which was unavailable from the city.


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    1. Oh wow! Thank you, and thanks to Joe for passing along that he liked something on my site!
      Umm, well, as to how I post so much? I don't have a wife, kids, money to enjoy life with (or I'd be on vacation, or doing things like enjoying atvs, boating, racing, you know, those expensive hobbies that are life's most thrilling and loved experiences) so, I have time on my hands and a great love for surfing the net, and then finding interesting things everywhere else too, like movies, books, magazines, and city streets, along with some car events, so, I spend all my spare time using my laptop instead.
      If I were a smart guy, I'd spend all my spare time learning something that would make me rich, but, my big effort towards work related things was right after high school and I burned out academically. hell, I may have injured my brain, because when I was a kid I could soak up academics and test out well, but now I can't remember very well at all. Not even of things I've done, seen, read, or blogged about.
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