Monday, February 25, 2019

Saturday, Interstate 80, Nebraska near York, big pile up, but the load of Chevelles wasn't damaged


  1. I and my wife used to live in York NE. The daughter in law of friends of ours is a volunteer EMT, and was out responding to a wreck on I-80, and a car hit their ambulance and the fire truck that was there and sent four responders to the hospital. She had broken bones and a collapsed lung. Thee was a big one in Wisconsin too I believe.

    1. 4 EMTs injured? Damn, that just made the whole situation a really bad day for EVERY one involved!

    2. Yeah it's terrible. The young lady is supposed to be out of ICU soon, she didn't have to have surgery on her lung, but she will on her broken ankle.

    3. Here's a link with more of the story