Friday, March 01, 2019

Toyota’s illegal turbo discovered at Rally Catalunya 1995 got Toyota banned for the rest of 1995, and from all 1996 races

Toyota engineered a way to allow air in to the turbo intake that completely bypassed the seals around the restrictor.

when the car was moving and the turbo was engaged, the restrictor plate would be moved back a couple of inches completely nullifying the effect of the restrictor plate.

the engineering was so good that when the turbo was disassembled post-race for inspection, judges couldn’t find any evidence that extra air had passed through the turbo.

This gave the car an estimated 25% extra air coming in to the turbos, which added an 50 BHP.

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  1. When Toyota was in F-1 they were busted for cheating; as I recall they stole technical data from Ferrari.