Monday, February 25, 2019

expensive cars doing what you expect, crashing into things. Video is over at 4:33, when the Maybach backs into a car... the rest is advertising

I wonder if they have a name yet for the Mustang crash after a car show.... as all Mustangs seem to leave the show the same way

they make a right onto a city street, mash the accelerator, start to slip the back out to the drivers side, then over correct and slam on the brakes as they slam perpendicularly into the median.

basically a backwards "S". It ought to get named something, like, a Mustang Whip


  1. If there is a name for Mustang crashing after a car show, it'll be in hte book 'The Meaning of Liff'.

  2. Now you know why all of those hypercars have traction control.

    1. and some have that incredible forward view system to indicate deer in the dark etc... safety tech has gotten pretty helpful