Thursday, June 23, 2016

How used car salesmen earned that bad rep, one example: Great Buys Auto Sales in Lower Sackville, just up the 102 from Halifax, Nova Scotia, (that name alone is a red flag)

Somehow this kid outwitted his mom and convinced her to buy him this $26.5 thousand dollar Subaru WRX Sti.

So, proof enough that she's not too sharp... buying her kid a rocket like that? Not smart.

6 weeks after buying the car, it had a complete engine failure. Well, no shit. It wasn't being driven by a little ol lady to church and the drug store, not before it was sold used, and certainly not after this kid got the keys to it.

But that complete engine failure was what occurred that caused Sharon to get educated on the used car game.. and the scuzball that sold her the car, Darren Blumenthal.

See, the used car lot isn't in his name. Red flag #2! It's in his wife's.

He already has 4 court decisions against him, grand total of about $12,300. Red flag #3

He hasn't had a real job, he's just worked at used car lots. Red flag #4

Great Buys Auto Sales has an "F" rating at the Better Business Bureau of Atlantic Canada where there are five complaints against the business. Red flag #5!

Coincidence, another Subaru was sold at Great Buys Auto Sales, and one week after purchase the buyer was laid off from work, and because Darren had told the buy he'd buy it back for any reason, they took it back. And that is when, surprise- surprise, they found what a scuzball they were handing the car back to. He didn't pay off the loan, the car has disappeared say the cops, and the buyer is still stuck with the full cost of purchase to pay... but doesn't have the car.


  1. What morons! That picture of the car screams a thousand words... a BRZ in a trailer park, their current car a 10+ year old relic... unreal. A car like this isn't usually bought as a daily driver, it's a toy bought by someone with a secure income and a nice garage for it to live in.

    Guess he thought that his video-game-playing contest would pay for the car... wah,wah,wahhhh....

    1. I'm going to agree with you on the only use for these toys being a road rally wanna be's fun ride... not a commuter... but look at the 26 thou pricetag. And the mom buying it, that's not trailer park money, it's rich mom who spoils her kid. That BRZ story though, might be, but the guy was laid off. Sucks. Bad. Then he gets screwed by the car salesman. Uncool. With the long list of losing court cases and owing money, I'm pointing the blame not at the car lovers who buy toys, but the salesman with no honor, self respect, or business sense

  2. Good day,
    I have another story about Darren Blumenthal.

    I purchased a BMW X3 in late May 2016. a few days later, we found out that the turbo, the time chain and an other part inside the engine needed to be changed. Darren sent the car to European auto, and we received it back 6 weeks later (delays with parts and tools delivery).

    Now, this is how we have been treated by Darren: During those six weeks, he has given us a courtesy car, so we were not without wheels. After the repairs were done, he covered the 1 200$ extra from the 5 000$ limit the warranty company would not pay. He paid extra repairs (parking brake switch and faulty break sensors). For our patience, he offered to fix my other car's fender (when I got it back, actually both fenders had been repainted and the side doors had all been touched up). Prior to buy the car, he changed: windshield, breaks and installed brand new tires. At the end, we paid nothing for the costs of repairs, I have had my other car fenders and doors repainted/touched up, and now we have a great 2013 X3 giving us the pleasure of driving never felt before. The only inconvenience was to have to do with a courtesy car for six weeks.

    No need to say that I have been VERY satisfied with Darren's service and professionalism.

    When I read bad stories like this, I can't help to think that although they are legitimate, they are also a little unfair. Every businesses have litigation with customers, this is inevitable. This guy is in business since 25 years, and if only 4 cases were adjudicated against him, I think it is a pretty good record. A lot of litigation between people and businesses are triggered by conflicts of personalities, there are bad salesmen but there are also bad customers. Keeping a good attitude and positive relations with the person you deal with will help that person in dealing fairly with you.

    At the end, I don't want to undermine the bad stories listed in your article, but my experience tells a completely different story from that car salesman. And part of it I think is a question of attitude.


    Patrice Deschênes, Beaver Bank.

    1. Every story stands on it's own merit. What I posted about how he treated those customers is legit, and is all it takes to make me believe he is a horrible person. I'm glad you were treated better, of course! I'm curious why, and it may be due to your good looks, connections in law enforcement or politics, or something else. I've got to warn my readers when I learn about someone who treats car buyers as bad as he has, that is my responsibility. How a small used car lot like his was able to give you a courtesy car is a red flag that you're story may not be legit, and that your entire letter is baloney, written by the used car sales guy, or his wife. The fact that your Google Profile is anonymous, is also suspicious.

  3. well guess everyone deserves little respect before you call them names

    1. when you have evidence to back you up, yeah. Mean names won't hurt him

  4. His dirty deeds go back many years,so you can understand the unknown person saying the good, is likely a lie also.I learned my lesson buying from these so called used car people.Most of the vehicles come from the auction,big red flag,and end up costing more than their worth regardless of what the shady sales guy takes from the buyer..Stay away from the used car lots..Ask a professional about the questions to ask when buying any used vehicle..Have deep pockets for a used car if you buy anyway..