Monday, June 20, 2016

beware the ugly beast, as it might house a monster motor. 1979 300

If the Ebay listing is correct, this 300C sat at a dealership unsold until 1990, when they took it out to play around, stuck in a crate 472, backed it with a race 727, and then they parked it in 2009.

Since it's claimed to never have been titled, and the MSO is missing, it's close to being something to avoid... smells like a problem waiting to be discovered the moment you take possession.

But that hemi.. hmmm.

From the Ebay list  via
Transmission: Cheetah E Shift by Turbo Action High Performance Transmissions of Jacksonville FL
Fuel Injection: Holly Commander 950 with Racing Upgrade Package.
Engine: Damler Chrysler Crate Motor 8.1 Liters (472) Serial # 257728
Work Done by: Time machines, Hudson Florida

Update Feb 2017, it sold at auction for 27,500, and only had 54 miles on the engine. Barrett Jackson Oct 2016

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