Monday, June 20, 2016

Rusted, Plumb Busted & Plain Wore Out © 2007 by Robert E Pence

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Sadly, Robert was in his 70's when he went out and around to take photos of the cool old abandoned vehicles, plus steam powered tractors, farm machinery, etc...  in Indiana, and he posted them on his website (which has now been taken over by a Japanese business) and all the images are gone. Don't even exist online anymore. Every link to a site that claimed to have the motivation to post his photos so they can still be enjoyed, indicates no one ever did. His websites are all jump points for advertising after he no longer was able to pay the annual fee.

Robert was in the Air Force in the 60s, a tool maker at GE for 20 years, and a computer tech. In his spare time he was an incredibly gifted photographer, and collected Case tractors. Every mention of him online is praising his incredibly pleasant personality and willingness to help others

In his will, he donated a million dollars to a nature preserve (ACRES Land Trust) in Indiana of 5700 acres  to ensure the future sustaninability of the trails and parks, such as
Wing Haven, a 254.8-acre nature preserve, features glacially carved kettle-hole lakes, bordered by a wetland fen system. In secluded areas, Sandhill cranes have established nests. Rolling meadows and surrounding uplands covered in an oak, hickory and red maple forest offer visitors a scenic hike through land that is protected forever by ACRES. Wing Haven was once home to Helen Swenson, and her husband Ben, who ran Wing Haven Resort, a sanctuary for birds from 1948-72.

His estate auction was full of cool stuff:

old rifles, Starrett machinst tools, old oil lamps, vintage cameras and black and white photography dark room supplies etc.

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