Friday, June 24, 2016

Best did an article on the worst rims of the past couple decades, some I have to agree with, others (the VW Daisy) are fine but limited to only being right for one car

Horrible, or maybe just so overused in the 90s, I hope I never see another one of thses

Seriously? I think I just vomitted a little bit

These and a thousand other pimptastic rims are atrocious

then there is the cheap lousy rip offs of the Ansen Sprint. God no, crush them all, now

but the white wagon wheel or American Racing and all the rip offs, can be justified on any 60's or 70s Jeep. Somehow,  it's just right on a Jeep, as long as the tires are huge.

and as long as it stays on a new VW beetle, the daisy is just fine.

and Mario remembered Jeremy Clarkson's rims

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