Monday, June 20, 2016

Bitchin' Javelin

First, the front suspension was replaced by a Control Freak’s tubular subframe and dual A-arm suspension. The 390 was pulled and replaced with a 6.2L L92 with an LS3 top end, and a “heavy” Comp Cam.

Through the Tremec T56 Magnum, the Javelin is quick to hustle up to speed thanks to a Yukon-built Ford 9-inch, with 31-spline Nitro axles spun by 3.54 gears. The wheels are 18-inches, and house 245-front, 335-rear Nitto 555Rs.Wilwood brakes on all four corners.

While you’re looking at those Wilwoods, you’ll notice the fender-exit exhaust pipes, which tuck up under the package tray behind the seats, and use Camaro-specific Flowmaster 44s for their 90-degree in/outlets. 

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