Thursday, June 23, 2016

Other things about the new Top Gear I just learned

The shouty guy, Chris Evans, only works 4 hours a day on Top Gear. He still works his primary job, as a morning radio DJ

Evans is getting paid a lot to host Top Gear, his three-year contract is reportedly for $4.27 million  – to work just 20 hours a week.

Once the final cast came together, things actually got worse instead of better. The original air date of May 8 was pushed back to May 22 to give them an extra two weeks. That wasn’t enough.

Plans for 16 episodes aired in two eight-episode seasons were shuffled. Instead, the first season will include only six episodes with no clear statement on how the second season will play out.

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  1. Maybe I should apply. I've got shouting in my hip pocket.