Tuesday, June 21, 2016

I hope someone tells Rolls Royce prototype designers that tiny detail about streamlining the front tires... it changes the aero dymanics a lot when you turn them... aka the Stutz Blackhawk effect

Rolls Royce Motor Cars has unveiled a concept car that showcases what the firm thinks luxury vehicles might look like in 100 years' time. The "Vision Next 100" is a 5.9 metre-long zero-emission, self-driving car complete with an artificial intelligence virtual assistant and a silk sofa – but no steering wheel.

Keep in mind the following is a 360 degree video, pull it around


The Stutz effect I mentioned in the title? That's due to what they learned when land speed racing on Daytona Beach with the Stutz Blackhawk.

At 220, it went barrel rolling... you simply can't change the aero at that speed without disastrous effect



  1. They may call it a vision, but I call it a nightmare.

  2. I wonder what would happen if it hit a speed bump.

  3. I'm just missing a detail: What if I want to drive?

    1. I bet it has a switch to go from computer control to human control, or maybe, touch sensitive steering controls?

  4. Tks God I'm too old to see this crap on the streets...