Monday, June 20, 2016

So, they finally added some fun to the old dump truck... and now it does wheelies. Right on, right on

the video about this is not on You Tube yet. It's in the most recent episode of Roadkill, and if you want to watch it right away, you have to do that on Motor Trend On Demand. Which, though free for 30 days, will then cost you 5 bucks a month.

I can wait. Hell, I've only ever watched 2 episodes out of 52, so, evidently, I can out wait them a really long time. for the Roadkill videos 1-51. I'd guess that this one will be available next week


  1. I follow Roadkill on Facebook, and sometimes they do live videos. They had one where Freiburger walked around this truck in the shop before they took it out on the road. They had another where they were driving a Challenger race car back to CA from Oregon, I think, and it was funny how crude it was.

    1. I'm looking forward to seeing this episode when it's finally on Youtube, which I suppose will be next week

    2. Marc, apology... I fat finger mistook the delete button on your A-10 comment. You're damn right, guns blazing between the sharks teeth is effing cool