Wednesday, August 03, 2022

Disney + will be streaming a new Cars series (9 episodes) with the original actors voicing Tow Mater and Lightning McQueen, here's my hope the writing is as good, or better, than the movies... the homage to Mad Max Fury Road is spectacular!

September 8th, on Disney +


  1. The video posted is politics with Pelosi and the crooks .

    1. this video? Not sure why you are commenting on this one. This is the Pixar movie preview. The OTHER post, about Pelosi's 84 million dollar husband that invests on her insider information? That is in the right article, about him, so it's not here. Your comment must have been meant to be on that post, not this one on Pixar movie.
      Also, I watched the entire video on Pelosi, and posted it with his arrest for drunk driving. I know what it has to say, and I intend for anyone that is interested in Pelosi, his wealth, his hubris to be married to a LAW MAKER and yet be a drunk driving law BREAKER to see everything I posted.
      So, what's your point? Or, is it a complaint about what I put on my blog?

  2. Looks like a fun series. There is a lot of things they could do if they expand on the parts of the Cars world that were shown in the movies. It looks like McQueen and Mater go to Bonneville (or another salt flat) in this series.