Sunday, July 31, 2022

Chicago's mayor, now nicknamed Lori Leadfoot, is obviously powertripping as it's revealed her official SUVs have racked up at least eight traffic tickets - NONE of them paid - for speeding and running red lights with footage capturing their brazen bad driving

 Lori Lightfoot, mayor of Chicago, officially implemented a crackdown on speeding her driver is ignoring, and last year reduced a buffer zone around schools from 10mph to 6mph

Now it's found that her own motorcade is guilty of at least eight incidents since February 2020, and has racked up $658 in unpaid fines Since May 2021

Her official SUVs have received three speed camera tickets and two warnings, plus a red light ticket. Lightfoot's office said that the mayor herself was not responsible for her drivers, and that she had ordered them to drive within the law. Sure, if you believe that I have oceanfront property in Nebraska to sell you

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