Tuesday, October 09, 2018

Ever hear of the Challenger Highline? Or Challenger Deputy? I don't think anyone uses these terms, we simply call the Challengers, that, or TA, R/T, or Hemi

Seems that was the model that they started making the Challenger T/A with in 1970

J - Challenger
H - High Price class
23  - 2 door hard top

Well, I'd forgotten about the Challenger line up and trim levels... I covered the Challenger Deputy a couple years ago https://justacarguy.blogspot.com/2015/04/1971-challenger.html

There were four distinct models available for the 1970 Challenger:
 The base model (a.k.a the Deputy),
The Highline (With the Trans Am spin-off),
The Special Edition,
and the R/T.

And there was the Western Sport Special, available with 225, 318, 340 and 383

When the Challenger hit showroom floors in the fall, Chrysler expected to send 200,000 units to new homes, so all aspects of the market had been covered, with the low end Deputy Coupe, the bread-and-butter Highline coupes, sizzling hot convertibles, the agile T/A, the posh Special Editions, and the pulse-quickening R/Ts, with two 440s, a stout 383, and the coveted 426 Hemi. These cars were the first in the industry to utilize injection-molded plastic interior panels, and T/As were also the first in the industry to utilize different sized tires on the front and rear axles.

The Deputy was a lower priced package, and these cars were very spartan, coming from Hamtramck and Van Nuys devoid of amenities such as air conditioning, power steering or brakes; the JH21 and JL21 Deputies also used base Barracuda seats. Some of the rarest Challengers that year were the 383 3 speed challenger Deputies, with examples numbering in the single digit territory.


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