Thursday, August 04, 2022

What is GR badging on Toyotas? That initialism stands for Toyota Gazoo Racing, the company's longstanding tuning and racing arm. So why won't Toyota North America give GR type Toyotas a racetrack warranty? Because Toyota Japan sure as hell stands up and is counted as believing in their brand!

Toyota North America WON'T honor the warranty on a Gazoo Racing badged Toyota if an owner uses their car as it's marketed. 

What the actual fuck? 

It is fucking apparent, that marketing, and the intent of the vehicle, conflict with the actual warranty in the USA, but NOT in Japan. 

If the GR Corolla Toyota isn't covered at the track for god awful oil system failure, WHY fucking buy one? 

Sports car customers INTEND to take their new car out for track days, so do muscle car customers.

If a Hellcat or Demon were not INTENDED to smoke tires, MOPAR would not sell any. 

Consider that if you look to buy a new weekend toy.

Based on what I read about Blake Alvarado's 2022 Toyota GR86 seizing while autocrossing. What the fuck? I'd have a tow truck and a crane tag team that fucking JUNK and drop it on the doorstep of Toyota North America HQ, 6565 Headquarters Dr Plano, TX

Drop it.... from as god damn high as the crane can fucking lift it, and see if it sticks the landing, or becomes a lawn ornament


  1. it seems that Toyota will rebulid the guy's engine, source:
    Still, a bad solution, they just should replace it. Plus, specifically looking for photos from track days and general hooning to serve as excuse for denying service s a shitty move on Toyota's part.

    1. nothing you said contradicts what I wrote.
      TNA does not warranty track use oil system failures.
      This guy's situation brought that up.
      TJ had to get slapped across the face with bad publicity to even step in.
      TJ has NOT made a public statement that it will change the warranty wording for North America
      rebuild or replace, whatever, isn't the issue
      That the engine failed to deliver as advertised? On the damn racing brand of Toyota, when raced, that is just fucked up.
      That the company refused him? Doubles up on the fucked up
      That they snooped to find an excuse, which backfired?
      Damn.... so like I said, crane, HQ, lawn ornament time