Thursday, August 04, 2022

there is ONE guy authorized by DC Comics to make replicas of the 60s Batmobile.... and some rich San Francisco real estate asshole who missed payments (how? he's rich!) didn't get his car as planned, of course. SO the rich asshole got his Sheriff buddy to send cops, ON TAXPAYER FUNDS to Indiana to raid the shop! How corrupt ARE the cops to work for the rich guy?

Sheriff Bolanos sent 3 men out of state as a favor for his friend Sam Anagnostou, who ordered a $210,000 Batmobile from Batmobile builder Mark Racop. But the asshole missed a payment, couldn't be reached for more than eight months, and was removed from the priority of sales list from first position to the ninth customer in line for a new Batmobile.

"He didn't like that, he exploded. He did pay off the entire car at that point, but he was absolutely livid to find out that his car was going to be delayed," Racop said.

So he went to court in California, and was stymied when the DA’s Office in September decided against filing charges based on the police report, while a judge dismissed the Superior Court case in February.

Racop thought the legal issues were dealt with until things took a turn on July 19 when four deputies with the Sheriff’s Office raided Racop’s shop in Logansport, Indiana, nearly 2,300 miles away from San Mateo County.

Here's what Google shows as search results on this asshole realtor:

Anagnostou turned to Sheriff Bolanos, who, at taxpayer expense sent a lieutenant, a sergeant and two deputies on a 2,200-mile trip to Racop's garage, accompanied by a local Cass County detective. 

The sheriff's office spent more than $5,000 for airfare, $1,272 for three nights of hotels, and $427 for a rental SUV. They say only three of the investigators made overtime on that Sunday - more than $3,000. A total of $10,142.76 so far, without the amount spend on food and drinks

"I was treated as though I was a criminal from the get-go. There was no discussion. It was not an interrogation. It was not an interview. They were there to intimidate me from minute one," Racop said.

 Racop says the investigators from California told his workers to leave, turned away delivery people, took him to the local jail for an hour, but let him go. 

Only later did Racop find out, they froze his bank account and charged him in San Mateo County with two felonies: Obtaining Money by False Pretenses, and Diversion of Construction Funds. 

The San Mateo County Board of Supervisors got an earful about the Batmobile raid from their constituents on Tuesday, and is taking action now.

The San Mateo County DA’s Office has also now filed charges against Racop for fraud and misuse of construction funds, both felonies, which he vehemently denies. Racop will visit San Mateo County Aug. 19 for his warrant arraignment.

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  1. The local authorities should make him reimburse the county for all of those expenses, in addition to any criminal punishment.