Wednesday, August 03, 2022

this close and dangerous photography isn't allowed anymore, but it MUST have been a blast!

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  1. I once crouched right inside the turn two guardrail during practice at the Springfield Mile motorcycle race. Chris Carr (Multi-time national champion) could have reached over and slapped the camera out of my hand if he were so inclined. I lasted about a half lap before my sense of self preservation kicked in and I left. It was too scary.
    A few years later I was spectating with friends at The Isle Of Man TT and a local farmer offered to show us his favorite spot on the course. We drove through farm fields and parked against a hedgerow and he showed us the small holes in the thicket just big enough to poke a head and shoulder through. The bikes came by at close to the ton getting air over a little rise in the roadway about as far away as the guy in your picture. I took a few photos but couldn't shake the mental image of a guillotine.
    I'm not a professional photographer or a member of the Idle Rich, just a really lucky shmoe...