Saturday, August 06, 2022

do you want the final racing car built by Frank Kurtis? It's got a 327, Halibrands, and Airheart Disc Brakes

When Frank Kurtis was ready to retire in 1962, he and his renowned staff designed and built a small batch of beautifully styled two-seater sports racing cars, and this car in particular, chassis 62-S1, took the concept one step further. 

It was commissioned by a Houston auto parts distributor and motorcycle racer turned race car driver. He thought an Indy-type car would be an excellent basis for SCCA competition, and Frank Kurtis suggested that one could be built for both open-wheel Formula 366 and sports car races by designing a car with quickly removable fenders via Dzus fasteners. 

It is the only Kurtis-Kraft racing car built with a dual-purpose body.

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